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  1. o_o So mature sounding.. *Facedesk* XD Welcome Maiko
  2. o//o I haven't been on Celestia Luna in quite some time.. XD Hehe. I've gotten back into another game (My favorite) o-o So sorry.
  3. o.o Hehe hai. I don't get on Mewie much.. xD I'm now mostly on my other character Mewieness.
  4. O.o Haha thank you Rurippe
  5. Awh dear~ xD I feel welcome here. Thank you C:
  6. @IrukiSasuma: Being slow is good. You can find your mistakes faster and then you can undo them easier... @Iuuqee: >///< I am very mewie. XD @Zekkai/Kyashii: Thank you <^__^> @fauza: Oh what? O.o
  7. Like me with drawing.. Hehe.. I couldn't imagine me saying "I like this but I don't enjoy it." with a straight face.. x3
  8. I'm usually on 1 or 8 training.. Hehe~ Thank you ^^ I'm enjoying it already
  9. @fauza: Hai hai <3 @IrukiSasuma: Thank you ^.^ If you want sometime we could hang out (Haha) But it would be neat to run into you somehow in-game (:
  10. IGN: Mewie Guild: None Real Name: Taylor Age: 14 Birthday: June 10th Gender: Female Location: Kentucky, USA Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, anime, writing... Likes: Kittens, music, and seeing people happy. Dislikes: Spiders, ghosts, and death. Height, weight: 58 Inches/ 74 Pounds Job/Grade: Freshman {Starting August 3rd} Relationship Status: Single Favorite TV shows, Movies, Books: Adventure Time, Nims Island, and Koko Ni Iru No {Manga book} Why you play this game/are on forums: I first started mostly for the bonus to EXP and the fact that I could know what would be heading my way when I leveled up on the original Luna.. (After they released Luna Plus that won't happen...) Quote/expression/words that mean something to you: "I love you" - Because it means a lot to know someone cares. A song that means something to you: Slipknot - Snap - Because it reminds me so much of me. A video/website/cause that means something to you: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4320861/1/a_million_things_to_read_f_you_are_depressed - Because I find it funny and it cheers me up laughing. Something Random: N-Nyan!~ ^_^ Hello~ I'm Mewie.. An Elf Priest in the Celestia Luna world.. I hope I find someone to get along with... ♥
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