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  1. Welcome to CLuna Forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here and in game(?) You might want to resize your signature....
  2. Tarintus only spawns whenever there is a random event :x
  3. Haha thanks aael <3 Once a spammer, always a spammer? o:
  4. These are my IGNs: Simple1ne and llsimplicityll
  5. I heard that SA(Soul Arbiter) are best for farming. I tried it before and I approve xD
  6. Well most of the real spammers are gone/quit CLuna and here on the forums. But anyways, at least there are still people who want to spam xD
  7. Welcome back! Have we met before? I recall a name like that somewhere over my memory, lol.
  8. dafuq did I just see? o-o I can't believe this thread is somehow alive xD
  9. Most annoying moments is when... People make multiple threads about the server being down.
  10. Title is misleading IMO. /inb4 people visit forum when server is down C:
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