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  1. I have found several topics that say that Dexterity adds critical damage. I've tested this myself by resetting my characters stat points several times. In fact, dexterity seemed to give similar damage bonuses to strength in my tests. However, if dexterity provides similar damage bonuses to strength, would it be a good idea to use full dexterity based equipment instead of strength based equipment? Could a character with high amounts of critical damage and average physical attack be viable? I'd like to hear input from anyone who's willing to provide it.
  2. I've been playing celestia luna online for many years, yet I still haven't figured out which one of these is considered better. I'd love to hear from other players.
  3. Anybody have a picture of the Blade of The Sun, and its stats? I know there was one floating around here at one point after an event, but I can't find it.
  4. I can't donate... Like. At all. Can you please bring Paypal back to regular donation and get rid of this Click n Buy? I wouldn't be complaining if I could donate, but it seems like no matter what method I utilize, something goes wrong. I had no problems donating when Paypal was an option, but now that it has changed to ClicknBuy, I'm running into all sorts of issues with verification charges, transaction confirmations, ect... Even using mobile pay, bank transfer, and paysafe. I couldn't manage to get my donations to work because of things that that are out of my hands to change. Paypal is just a better, easier, and less extensive method of donation.
  5. The last two replies have basically said that PK bugging is unfair because it allows you to gain levels faster. To try and get an analogous statement in here, I could say that using 30% scrolls is unfair because it allows x player to gain levels more quickly than y player, and support it by saying that he can't get a 30% scroll because it costs premium points and he can't buy premium points. X player can then proceed to tell y player how it doesn't matter if they can't buy premium points and get 30% scrolls easily. The same thing goes for PK bugging. It could give y player an unfair advantage, because it allows them to gain levels even more quickly than x player. They can then support it by saying that they can't use the PK bug because they don't know or have a high enough leveled character. Y player can then proceed to tell them that it doesn't matter if they don't know or have a high level character to assist them. It is the earned choice of those individuals, who worked to get their levels so high, as to whether or not they want to share their experience with another player or use it to boost one of their own characters. It is also the earned choice of those individuals, who worked to receive their money, as to whether or not they want to spend it to improve their own characters or help improve another individuals character. No. Date dungeoning has to be solo for you to gain levels at a faster rate beyond 130. You'll get experience regardless. I haven't heard about this one, but even if it is true wouldn't it make better sense to disable or restrict the option until the glitch can be fixed, rather than banning people for using it and letting the server continue to get harmed by those who get away with it? @Enthusiasm★ The main problem with this is that it is a conscious choice for a person to share their experience. It is not being preformed against their will, nor is it something that is exclusive to one person. It is programmed into the game itself, so it is not a hack. It is a bug that allows a player to gain levels quickly, and that is by no means dangerous to anyone. ( Unless you consider competition to be dangerous. Lol. ) From what I can tell, this game being a private server, as you stated, does not change those facts.
  6. Thanks, and yes. I've heard that from someone else before. It really isn't fair to ban someone for a rewards system that's been programmed into the game already. I thought it was a bug / glitch, but if it's not then being banned for it really makes no sense. ( Especially without warning. ) Why not just disable or restrict the feature until it can be fixed? I trust that the members of Cl know better than to pay money outside of site donation. Edit :: Care to explain this to me? /// Also, the purpose of this topic is to see what everyone thinks about this and to inform others about these dangers. Don't be afraid to discuss or voice yourselves here. This is the discussion board after all.
  7. Hello Celestia Staff and players, I have a question for you all . Recently a friend of mine was banned for PK bugging, as he gained levels and was reported. Why is this illegal? Also, why is it something that a player can report others for? There are several issues with this reporting process as well as the actual rule that I feel should be addressed. First, Celestia Luna is a private server that is well known for its reputation and features. One of these features is multiplied experience. I fully understand that PK bugging is considered a glitch, but it does not harm game play, competitive or otherwise. Gaining levels quickly, (something that could also be achieved via experience scrolls and solo date dungeoning), does not pose an 'unfair advantage' in a battle. If that were the case, then solo date dungeoning and multiple experience scrolls should also be illegal because they give players an 'unfair advantage'. Second, the way this 'issue' is reported is not being looked at from an view of oversight. What's to stop a player from entering PK mode, running up to a group of players, attacking them and provoking a fight, then preforming the glitch and getting a person banned because they 'gained levels'? With the current reporting process, all it requires is a picture of the act of leveling up after killing the PK'er. This is very prone to abuse, and I feel it should be looked at again before actions are taken against those involved. Finally, why is it that instead of fixing this glitch that supposedly gives players an 'unfair advantage', the staff is sent out to ban those who utilize it? Is it really more beneficial to ban players, and possible financial contributors, than to fix this glitch which anyone can preform? And do so without warning? (The rule was just barely put into effect, and majority of this games players don't stop by the forum often enough to be aware of rule updates like this. Hacking items, harassing, and stealing are easily understandable as they directly effect other players.) If anything PK bugging is laziness or a way for players to progress without spending days training. ( Be aware that everyone who plays this game does not have loads of free time and/or money to use for progression. ) I can hardly expect the rules to change, or for a revoking of bans associated with this issue, but I do ask that the staff take a look at the reporting process and be fully aware of possible abuse that can take place with the system that is currently in effect.
  8. There is nothing in the report section about my friends account, and I am in the same guild as them so I know they weren't lying.
  9. Ok... so that answers my main question. Thank you. The reason my friend was banned was because of bad mouth... But they weren't even on Celestia at the time... Someone care to explain this?
  10. Is there any way to know what you get banned for? I know there is a report section up here, but how can you get banned if you aren't logged on and nobody has posted anything about you in the report section? Now, I personally haven't been banned before, but this happened to one of my friends recently and I was confused.
  11. THANK YOU. O.o Saved me the trouble of making that elf paladin. Lol.
  12. I'm working on a mace Destroyer now, so I will find out eventually. ^.^
  13. How do you private donate? o.o And what other items do you get from private donate?
  14. How do you get the level [140] 2H sword "The Legend"?
  15. No. XD Skill calculator says level 25 Body Check has 600 base power, not 600 damage. For comparison level 20 Burning Crash has a power of 420. I wanted to know if Body Check was bugged past level 20, because a lot of skills are. Also, level 20 Body Check only has a power of 373.
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