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  1. if there no maximum to mob monster, the player who have attrac skill will mob all monster in the map
  2. Your my apple in my eyes ;3

  3. something happened, i was dc and cant login back to just drink your coffe and waiting B)
  4. cihh cant donate in this event

  5. cihh cant donate in this event

  6. So i'll make all of price more higher ~
  7. #rham im forgot this : "Being an old player, its their privilege on setting up the prices because their is first supplier that bring the items to the market" Do you think the old player is "old player" ? In the past who the old player still newbie, their have the old player too, in the different word is player more old than old player
  8. What such selfish you think hahh ? "The cruelty of economics" , "democratic" ? High pricingly make many player do the RMT because with RMT getting gold is much better and easy than hunting, their frustating to get gold so quickly and for comparing the old players, its not balance . . Maybe its a one of many reason why RMT happened . . .
  9. Im an old players, the price in the past is more cheap different with now, You can get something if you dont try something ?? Old player can buy "A" with 100 gold in the past and new player can buy "A" too with 1000 gold now ~ so sensational.
  10. Oh wait, im forgot, the different price because the items has enchanting or optioning with philo is the problem too . .
  11. Hi there ,, In the game there is a new player and old player, the old player have everything such a thing like good items and the new player (not old player with new account) is really dont have anything, then when the new player need items from old player, the player gave the buyer with high price beacause they think the buyer have much gold from playing game so long, the seller never think he/her is new player (with having old player) and new player (with never play before) And the problem is, can we add a rules for price the items . . Think about the new player, he/her is the future and changed the old player who have bored playing so long ~
  12. please banned they all permanent, i dont need they again, is nonsense i talk too much with selfish being

  13. Curse you who hacked my account :@

  14. LoL, i cant post something ., nonsense what is this O.o

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