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  1. ....... Yes,Yes u are.

  2. That proves that u are a really mean girl =O

  3. I will always be under your bed to haunt you.

  4. What is that supposed to mean? >=O
  5. Delly Sandwiches

    HQ stones

    A lot of ppl get golds by sellin HQ Stones. So,this wud be a bad suggestion.
  6. Yes u are.. u made me cried D=

  7. Stop bullyin me !! Q.Q

  8. Nothing .... .______.

  9. It's ur secret that u shud worry about.

  10. I dun trust you..from now on I will put a security guard in mah bathroom! >=D

  11. No,I dun know about that...but now I KNEW !! U PERVY STALKER !!

  12. If she have hack items,she wud have been banned from the start .___.
  13. The story ish dead...Quit forcing me to make more of them Q.Q
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