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  1. Mastered Katakana and Hiragana....Now what? .____.

    1. Delly Sandwiches

      Delly Sandwiches

      Just search it on the internet,first remember the symbols and sounds like learning ABC..i already remember all of it but u will need to remember and know some of the basic words too.

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  2. Yea,I already try it and the player told me " I will SS you"..."I will ban you" ==" Being nice dun usually helps you in this game....and its hard to find the nice one
  3. I dun think asking other players to change to another channel is a good idea.. Cuz,some players still take that as "spot-claiming" So,its not safe to ask them to change channel

  5. Well,thats bcuz theres a lot of problem due to spot claiming. So,spot claming is bannable. Rules r rules,just follow it if u want to play the game.
  6. Hye there! I love you! So,lets have some fun!
  7. Learning Japanese! Let's start with Katakana and Harigana =O

  8. I already write some but it's not interesting..so I delete it Q.Q
  9. aslkan ayat trsbut dipenuhi dgn hati yg mulia,ia pasti akan mmbawa makne xDDD O..O
  10. I can know...I'm a stalker ~

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