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  1. thanks, the bug is gone, hope it wont happen soon again
  2. omg stopped playing cl for almost 4 years but back then the price was just 200m and now I came back it is 1.3b wew what happened?
  3. I really don't think its from my internet connection....... After I use that potion, the potion didn't take effect but the game still running, i still can see other players chatting and the shouts from megaphone though...then after several seconds the game disconnects.
  4. I tried to uninstall, redownload, delete the celestia luna folder and install it again It didn't help though
  5. Yesterday I keep trying and trying but I get Disconnect over and over again until the potions finally take effect.. But when the potions effects expired I still disconnect when I use them over and over again when I try and try again
  6. Any of my characters will disconnect when I use those potions whether I have others buffs or not, wherever i am.
  7. I don't know why, it just keeps happening since the update
  8. I have been gone for so long , i almost forgot everything
  9. DRelex

    Channel 2 PVP

    Why not in CH1? Replace this at PVPch1 instead of ch2 :)
  10. ~I had to fall and lose it all but in the end it doesn't even matter~
  11. DRelex

    Speech checkout

    You are not alone I am here with you Though you're far away I am here to stay you are not alone I am here with you Though we're far apart You're always in my heart
  12. DRelex

    Stalked by Beggars q-q

    That's indo They speak with their native language to you even they don't know you yet -_-
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