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  1. everytime i log in these always come up "connection to the server has been broken:" .. who's that??? i we cant play celestia 5 days in a row
  2. mich

    about unbanned..

    you dont get what i mean... why they say ... the this offense is lock for this consecutive days... etc... but some are minor offense but still banned.. and some reach 1 month or more in s simple offense... i just questioning about the they so called auto unbanned system....
  3. mich

    about unbanned..

    i know this is a wrong area for this topic but ,i read about mS gm biohazard regarding the so called auto unbanned system... so if its already implemented and running to entire server why some still banned old character stll cannot log in.. we know that all some mods here are annoyed to all the player who wish to be up their characters.cause of shout caps and everyting just MOds would notice and get their attentions. of coures i concern for them... sometimes they banned the character without acurate and proper investigate... i wish they will listen not only the side of the complainant but also the offender if she or did it... there some character who banned because of ks and spot claiming..sometimes its a complainant fault.... but i d rather say if the unbanned system has implemented.. pls do.. i understand the role of a Mod / Gm is to put in order ,alot of stubborn players ..but i concern the method ..i hope this will help .. thanx for the kind and considaration.:)
  4. its is why cannot log in im not in banned list and i have remember that i break any rule my god! banned with no reason it wasted my money.... pls give action for this banned without any reason
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