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  1. Yes, but if they were to close their client and reopen it they are most likely going to experience having connection issue. This is because the whole game server is not shut down/broken but rather only the connection to the server has been broken. This is only my assumption but better said from the Admin than from me so...yeah :D
  2. I'm getting the Notice: Failed to connect to server lalala Is it down?
  3. MrKid

    Buddy List! :)

    Okay what about the option to select a buddy and teleport to their location...map and channel? :/
  4. MrKid

    Buddy List! :)

    It would be nice to see what friends are in what channel and what map. That's all! lol (Repeating post: unkown?) soz don't have a search bar while on the phone :/
  5. MrKid


    Thanks Tani helped out a lot!
  6. MrKid


    How much physical attack do you need as a fighter to 1 hit or 2 hit mobs in NH? (explain class?) If not having at least 3.1k physical defence in stats then how much HP would be sufficient to survive in NH? How much physical attack do you need to 1 hit or 2 hit mobs in NH as a rogue? (explain class?) If not having at least 450 eva on a rogue how much physical defence do I need or should I really try and get more than 450 eva? What is the optimum stats needed for either fighter (said class) or rogue (said class) to be able to farm NH within a set time frame and how much can be earned in a certain time frame with certain stats? Thanks!
  7. Was about to say that it was unfortunate but let's all hope so...mind telling me if it's any time soon or would I have to wait another 4-5 years to see the results...cuz I don't think I can wait that long lol I'd be long gone hehe :)
  8. Soooo I've recently rejoined playing CL again since after 2011/2012 and the incident that happened between my accounts...was wondering if any major updates have actually pushed through...I've read some of them 'Suggestion' posts and they sound great, even Brandon replies sound very interested... I've noticed that those posts were like 2013 and knowing now it's 2015 I don't think I've seen much major change since 2011/12 So I guess my questions would be: Have they actually fixed bugged skills? (eg, Musket wielding classes or Crusader etc.) NOTE: I'm not asking if skills exceeding the skill level 20 is fixed and I'm aware of the reasoning behind why it shall not exceed level 20 Has any major events happened while I was gone for so long? :o Are there any new costumes coming into item mall which were requested a looooong time ago?? (eg. Samurai outfit and etc) Is the Suggestion topic there for people to post hopes and dreams or is there going to be action taken on the communities needs (eg. I especially like the auto route, new DD and higher level mobs suggestion) <--- those are a need not a want Sorry if I pass as being critical there for a second but I'd just like to know what's up cuz ain't nothing changed really since my era besides the anti multi-vote system implemented (lol level 120 character to vote and only 2 voting sites...so painful considering my circumstances :( )
  9. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

  10. wow! Very pretty! Especially your image.3 very well exposed! Props! Hahaha I love it! Too bad it's a story and you need all three images to make it really one whole picture sad but good effort! Oh btw I'm not a judge and I probs shouldn't be acting like one (which is not my intention) just expressing my opinions and thoughts cuz people have really posted some very entertaining stuff!...ignore me if you must or take on my opinions and have fun! ^.^ Soz Orange I'll stop posting and leave it to contestants! hehe SO FUN!
  11. lol if that's the case then so far this one post caught my attention. Pros: 1. It's not a chain story of a typical male and female being in love...kissing....dating etc etc (still like a story? but I love the plot!) *thumbs up!* 2. The only post with two guys #nohomo but a mate supporting/competing with another mate hysterical!!hahaha I love it! "Chear up, drinks are on me!" <---best lol! 3. I would say realistically...this is based on real life, I bet most guys are on the same boat as Eucharist haha on V-day! 4. I love the use of speech to help explain the story more rather than the title trying to explain everything else *cough* everyone else's post *cough* 5. The use of NPCs! As the go girl! haha very creative...using other players is too basic Cons: 1. Lack of cos play/costumes 2. Map location 3. Save exp scroll and buff pots on top of image *obstruction!* Overall: Well done and very well thought...I found more pros than cons surprisingly lol! Despite the lack of cos play/costumes the story line in the end gets you going 'Ooooh! Haha!' which I love! I must say this is a tough one to beat. Especially! Now that I've mentioned a few things to note on coming posts, this has got to be the most purest gold and original you can get hahaa! Everything else would look like stealing ideas lol! Image.1 great use of cinematopgraphy, view and angle...well done Image.2 poorly done lol but still makes sense Image.3 Great overall feel! However Orange said "Those of you that submitted them as a love story, most of your screenshots on their own don't show much. Think of capturing one moment on one screenshot. And therefore making all your screenshots unique and not part of a chain, you will lose a lot if you keep it as a chain." That is contradicting in this particular case because in each image it is very unique and creative with the support of text! For example DreamBoi is very easy with the girls whereas Eucharist is not-->also seen in image.2 where DreamBoi knew Eucharist seeks for a partner and was beaten to confessing! Hahaha gold Props GW2H! Great post! PS: To future posts or to judges I suggest not only looking for the most sparkle-sparkle but the back story of the image...being sparkle-sparkle is real easy to achieve, like a beautiful but yucky cake...but a YUMMY cake that looks ugly!! Hell YEAH I'd eat!!!
  12. Guess who's back - Back again - Me!!

  13. Guess who's back - Back again - Shaddy!

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