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  1. Not too sure if cherry points is accepted but most of the donations can be done through paypal.. Unrelated topic: Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi! Finally someone from the same continent..
  2. Magulo

    Pinaka-UNA (MAIN)

    ayiiii si bula ba to kiss AHAHAHAHHHAHA
  3. 12/31/13 1. VeryPogi 2.ImbaSaKapogian 3. JM 4. WillofD 5. Lau 6. Magulo
  4. HAHAHAHAHA wag po nakalagpas na sakin eh sa mga susunod nlng HAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. gawa ka business taga gawa ng siggy HAHAH
  6. Magulo

    Try Lang .

    wow madami pla active na pinoy sa forums..\m/ Hi po..:) bigti na kayo lahat...<3 jokes~
  7. aw sina Jhandi, Gambit at zerato..xD pati si zed Malufetz. hahah napaka old school nakakamiss
  8. Donations for the victims of Yolanda international name Typhoon Haiyan.. accepting the donations through direct trade to me..
  9. Nick: Miggy/Migs IGN: Magulo Lvl: 150 Job: Sword Master Guild: NoMercy Union: DoctorSky konti lang ata pinoy sa forums.. :)
  10. 3/4/13 1. Enthusiasm 2. qOvOp 3. theboxc 4. Rin 5. Magulo
  11. INT does not give crit damage and crit chance to magic... BOW is preferred by INT/M.atck Mages because of their added crit chances for magic skills..
  12. Magulo


    FYI it makes your Luna super laggy... so if your already lagging now what more if you do this...:) up to you though if you want to play like that lmao
  13. You are the King of Your Self Do Not Let Others Rule Over You.

  14. Magulo

    ASK> SM 105 Stats

    Yup 100% correct.. i recommend you go vit for now for easier leveling and you wont be to squishy and easily killed by mobs..XD
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