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  1. May your friend's soul rest in peace. If you still remember which mail account (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc...) you had originally used to create the clo account, you can try forget password route to reset your password.
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    I do not know the stats of any of these bows, but they are monster drops around level 65, so might be rare items. Bow of the Griffon's Wing. Monster: Troll Warrior Lv67 (Howling Cave Floor 1 and 2) Tiger's Scout Bow. Monster: Tarantula Blood Lv60 (Ghost Tree Swamp) Crocodile's Elemental Bow, Fox's Mithril Bow, Lion's Steel Bow. Monster: Despaired Ghoul Lv62 (Ghost Tree Seamp) These are all I could find from Old Drop List.
  3. Bow Entrapper for farming Sahel Blackhorns (Dino) Note: Prices will vary according to supply/demand and inflation Head Acc. : Crit Slime = ~5b/Dumpling = ~65b Eye Costume : VIP eye 30d = ~300m/STR Glasses Perma = ~2.5b Helmet : M.cap eva 15+ = ~3b Necklace : V.neck eva 15+ = ~15b Armor : L.Armor +48-50 str/dex eva 15+ = ~10-15b Glove : V.Glove eva15+ = ~15b (Note: Or V.set eva 30 = ~30b) Weapon : EG+12 eva 15+ = ~13b Belt : FDS/SDS pa 19.5+ = ~23-30b Shield : none (Since using a bow) Trinklet : NPC Cindamook Trinklet which we get for level 105 job change Boots : L.Boots 48-50 str/dex eva 15+ = ~10-15b Back Acc. : Wind Stalker Hide (WSH) clean/p.a/crit = ~5b for clean, prices may vary for different crit/p,a philo Rings : Hathors/Sekhmets eva 15+ = ~5b each Earings : Gemini Castor set eva 9+ = ~20b or Earings/Hegemonic Rainbow eva 15+ = ~4b for earings/~15-20b for Hege Head Costume : VIP Hat = ~1-1.5b / Bache p.a = ~15b Armor Costume : Black Widow Leader = ~16b Glove Costume : VIP Glove = ~100b/ STR Gloves = ~2.5b Boots Costume : VIP Boots = ~30b/ P.boots = ~5-6b Note: You need only 2 pieces of VIP set, as it is just for the MS 2/6 set effect, so any combination works, you can take which ever combination that suits you the best Note: The Required eva for farming dino is 390, so if you have excess eva at the level of farming (or boosting) you can trade that eva for more STR/P.A Note: MS is as important as eva/p.a for farming Cheers!~
  4. Any past event tokens could be used to exchange for any past event items at Seasonal Helper Mint (Alker Harbour), regardless of whether the token and item are from the same event. Example: Crystallized Snow Flakes (Winter Tide event tokens) could be used to exchange for Witchy Outfit (Halloween event reward).
  5. Changing clients takes time (to press keys to change the tab) as well as energy. And you have to do the same thing over other side too, so it's not much of an upgrade if you are not making more than 30 slots. And moreover, some systems (like mine) can only handle one client at a time... Thanks mate, cheers!
  6. Everyone knows how to make HQ (9 gemstone + 5 flame stone + construction cost = HQ gemstone) Let's try to make it fast and in a lot of quantity Requirements: Ability to count up to 20 Keyboard with NumPad (with number 3 besides Enter key) We should already have a 4 bag inventory(80 available inventory slots) (if not, buy inventory expansion scroll from Alice [Besides Tasartia]) We will be making HQ in multiples of 5 slots (1 slot = 100 items) For that, there are a few key positions of the inventory bag that we must remember (Shown in Images) *Note: 45th slot = 5th slot in Bag 3, 50th slot = 10th slot in Bag 3,... We will be working only in bag 3, so we don't need to change bags (and waste time) We will be using every available inventory slot, so make sure you do not have anything in your bags. Buying: The key to speed lies in how we buy our items (gemstones and flame stones). We open Alice's store, go to the third bag (Bag with gemstones), and select the gemstone which we wish to use to make HQ. *Note: We do not drag the gemstones, just select. We click on Buy at the bottom of Alice's store page, then press 3 on the NumPad 3 times (use middle finger) and then Enter (use Index finger). [This way we buy 333 stones, but the game only accepts values upto 100, so it changes to 100) Then we move the cursor to Okay and click there. *Tip: 800x600 resolution works best as the Buy and Okay button are less seperated (Any lower resolution, and the construction doesn't work) As soon as we click on Okay, we click on Buy, and repeat the process The same process will be repeated for Flame Stones from Tasartia Now, we buy 45 slots of the gemstone required (5th slot of bag 3), then Close (X) Alice's store, open up Tasartia's, go to bag 2 and buy 5 slots of Flame stone. *Note: We do not need to change the bag, we know we have 15 slots available on bag 3 and 20 slots in bag 4, so we fill bag 3 upto it's 20 slot, and count 10 more slots as we buy to complete the 25 slots we need to make 5 slots of HQ without changing the bag to confirm. Now, we close Tasartia's store, open construction page, drag any one of the gemstone slots in our bag 3 of gemstones to construction, insert the value (*Tip: use 333 again) and construct 1 slot of HQ. Repeat 5 times to make 5 slots. Now, we have 80-5=75 slots available in our inventory as we made 5 slots on HQ Hence, this time when we buy 45 slots of gemstone, we will buy the gemstone till the 50th inventory slot (10th slot of bag 3), so we have 45 slots of gemstones. Similarly, for buying Flame stone, instead of counting till 10, we count till 15 (10 slot on bag 3, 15 slot in bag 4) to buy the required 25 slots of flame stones. Now, we have 80-5-5=70 slots available in our inventory as we made 5+5=10 slots of HQ Hence, this time when we buy 45 slots of gemstone, we will buy the gemstone till the 55th inventory slot (15th slot of bag 3), so we have 45 slots of gemstones. Similarly, for buying Flame stone, instead of counting till 15, we count till 20 (5 slot in bag 3, 20 slot in bag 4) to buy the required 25 slots of flame stones. Now, we have 80-5-5-5=65 slots available in our inventory as we made 5+5+5=15 slots of HQ Now arises the problem, as we have required 70 slots (45 for gemstones + 25 for flame stones) to make 5 slots of HQ, but we only have 65 slots available. Hence, we improvise. We have to open either Alice's store or Tasartia's store twice (to compensate the missing slots after construction of HQ) Here, I use 45 slots to buy gemstones. This time, we buy the gemstones till 60th inventory slot (last slot of bag 3). For flame stones, I buy the remaining 20 slots. Now, I close the store, and construct 4 slots of HQ, with 9 slot of gemstone remaining in the bag. Here, I quickly close the construction menu, open Tasartia's store and buy 5 flame stone slots (*Note, you will not be able to see as they will be inserted in the 1-2 bag, while we will be at bag 3), and construct the remaining 5 slots of HQ. Now, we have 20 slots of HQ, with 60 spare slots of inventory space. We buy 45 slots of gemstones (till 5th slot of bag 4). *Note: Do not change the bag, just count 5 after completing bag 3) Then we buy 15 slots of Flame Stones, make 3 slots of HQ, buy 10 slots of Flame stones, construct the remaining 2 slots of HQ. We proceed similarly, until we have a total of 30 slots of HQ. At this point, it's best to sell (if you are making for somebody else) or store the 30 slots, as for making 35 slots, you will be required to open someone's store 3 times instead of 2, which is an improvise not worth the time it takes. Hence, we will have 30 slots of HQ without going to warehouse. With practice, we will be able to do this task in about 15-18 minutes (that's almost 2 slots of HQ every minute) *Tips: Use Construction, Trade skill on skill tab. Press escape when closing the construction menu Click close (X) instead of pressing escape with changing stores (it's faster for me this way) Buy a Town Portal Scroll after completing the required order (or 30, slots of HQ) Show respect to others *Cost to make each HQ per slot: Ruby/Emerald/Opal/Aquamarine/Sapphire = 3.65m Orichalcum/Durelin = 6.45m Moonstone/Argentum = 8.7m Litheon = 20.25m Heart stone/Mind stone/Stone of life/Mana stone = 3.47m Wind Crystal/Thunder Crystal = 56.75m Fairy's WIngs = 201.75m Critique, comment, suggest, share. Cheers!
  7. I'd suggest to first experiment with possible builds and paths using the information given on the official website (for all jobs and possible paths) and maybe using a skill calculator (I don't think I can link it here as it might be considered as 3rd party application advertisement) before making a new character. Maybe read guides in the forum for new players (regarding ways to make money, or simple classes that new players can make without spending a lot of money). Anyways, welcome to the celestial family! Cheers.
  8. Rogue - Ruffain - Scout - Ranger - Entrapper Use human (more patk) Use only power shot(then upgrade to double shot) to level up till lv75 (Do NOT use any other skills, save sp) Max all the necessary buffs and passives (don't max light armor expertise if going for eva build) Once ranger, upgrade bow skills. Active skills should only be double shot, rapid arrow and fire arrow.(Sorry, but no area skills till lv105) Lv105, get Entrapper path, max extortion and all the stuff. And viola, you have bow Entrapper (with only 1 area attack unfortunately) You will need lv124 to get all the necessary skills maxed out This way you do not need to reskill, by using only bow from the very beginning For stats, go full dex for higher crit rate, crit damage and eva I prefer to go full DEX as getting eva equips is pretty expensive
  9. Suggestion:Able to salvage multiple items [types and amount(for the same item)]
  10. can't use two clients at the same time? but I was able to do it before, but not able to do it now..... how come?
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