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  1. The best is 1 steno + 1 cutlass. +13 steno is better than +13 cutlass and +13 Titan is not good ( if +12 cutlass is better than steno but due to bonus effect i chose steno) at lvl 115++ go for Steno + DM or DM + DM , depends on craft and philo. if +12, 2 DM is far better than Steno + Dm, but if your steno +13 the story will be different
  2. Tanker is tanker not good for Pawning in war for PVP its OK, but it will be so bored after many times coz their hit so low ( try the same lvl and same pro not noob player) However Paladin is really needed in war. Hard beat paladin in PVP, and etc. They are like a China Wall. So the conbclusion they are support type dont expect they will be like Magnus which hybrid type
  3. Dont be a panzer. In Gpot or another Official server you can get super rare musket ( if +12 patk 2x and more than normal musket ), however here no good musket
  4. HUMAN SA : You will get Lace which can Increase HP Regen more than elves its good for tanker to have high regen HP too, Human gets more vit base stat ELf SA : You will get Natural shield which boost pdef more, Elf gets INT base stat better If you are Human SA its better take all Regen buff and passive if you have enough SP at high lvl, but you should be tanker so the HP regen have its effect In low lvl SA, elf SA will be better since have higher pdef and low lvl Human SA Hp regen isnt too good unless you have high pdef
  5. inugami

    Help About SA

    Your path is good. it will have a good chill, lightning stun, and blizard so its the best SA path for PVE and GVG since the damage of SA is not to strong compared to Necro and cardi. But SA sure have many skills for sleep and binding skill Dont waste those 3 skill i suggest if you go WL unless you need cienfull's path for a faster casting speed but sure a little faster is not prefered for SA since their damage is not too strong even you use robe it juz good for PVP with the other mages. Better use Light armor since SA have the highest Pdef of mage in CL
  6. Gramps Calculator you should download the old calculator there anton. I think your Necro path is inquirer path job
  7. +1 for you good guide A good path for 2 hand magnus. Look her Pdef and HP. Some ppl who duel her will call her Paladin not magnus LOL If you use Diren and Aias shield it will Great Tanker for this knight path only
  8. Oh ty mr. Anton ^^ and yeah this one is quarter Luna semi plus 3/4 old Luna 1/4 Luna semi plus( Stil semi far from plus) But it seems that the GM still updating this game, Like new map and some new costume
  9. Int magnus is bad coz the damage is low. Even you get 14 matk So if you juz want to play with INT magnus and Kill them who have pride in Eva. Doesnt matter with any INT weapon. and I think 2 + 12 athena is enough to bully them Eva rogue ( even 400 ++ eva ) Or any weapon with high int like mace lvl 115 int craft ( hard to get ) int philo. its better If u have Higher Strike then those Eva rogue then feel free using Sword again, better damage then double Int weapon
  10. I know too however my Magnus Phalanx path Better on DEF but lack in patk << BTW i use 2 Athena so i can kill rogue easily. and 2 athena easily gets 14 matk for me with 6k def magnus. But for me 2 hands AXE magnus still the best magnus with knight path. If u look for more damage magnus juz be Knight path 2 hand axe. Netherdrake know that Phalanx - Magnus is the best for dual wield Magnus since Magnus phalanx get more pdef. And its so balancing coz crit of magnus worse than SM so choosing Phalanx path better than look for more PATK from knigh in dual wield Its only matter of the path and skill we get
  11. Its still easier for looking +13 Dominator cheap (mine only 700m ^^ ) If the rumour about rage burst better than axe mortality. Maybe many players will make it. *Bang anton kalo udah dibuat +12 aku mau beli yah philo in aja strike atau crit. Buat Craft dex cocok translated Mr. Anton. After you upgrade yours to be +12. I wanna buy it. Seems better philo it to get opti Strike or Crit. Coz that one is Dex Crafted may better
  12. If u block isnt it hit only 1 1 and 1 and if the hit is so strong and u can block it its like hit 23 24 15 and if u cant block its like 4000 10000
  13. He mean it 2 handed Axe like Golden Axe not dual wield G axe LMAO
  14. inugami

    who said?

    U sure so Blunt and so hasty LOl Epic Anton I like the Idea for incresing Berserker skill but u don need it much for GW only PVP for it I use Berserker Skill lvl 1 and if the time for berserk is up and its still cooldown ( coz i Dead and the buff dissapear ) I use Death mask to raise berserker lvl 2 then i can buff again ^v^ THe cooldown is 0 again Coz Berserker bad for Pdef and High LVl Berserker doesnt have big difference with the lower one It may be too hassle. Try it so u can understand what i mean.
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