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  1. Lvl 25 BC will kill all enemies , if ur opponent is eva, then use Fearful blow , if u want ranged attacks , u can go with sonic boom and earthwave , if u want exhibition skills kill ur enemies with earthquake and cruel sword. if u want to disgrace ur enemy, just kill them with normal attack ^_^
  2. If u wanna be a TRUE destroyer :angry: and master the :D ART of DESTROYING :D people ? then you should read this... WARNING : Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. So please, Don't try this at home. :lol: [ this thread is for fun only so don't take it seriously ] Okay here's all u need for this : Path : it doesn't matter, as long as you are a destroyer. ;) Stat: DEX for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious crit damage !!! Level : when you reach 113 [ max BC and Attack Passives ], you're good to go but i prefer lvl 140 to avoid level gap [ because u will do stupid damage :mellow: if u are faced with high level ppl and it's a shame as a DESTROYER :( ] Weapon: Use Dragon Slayer [ yeah we kill dragons too :rolleyes: ] Str 28+[c] High Agi-Str[p] or vice-versa for maximum DMG and enchant it to +20 :D :D :D lol just kidding . . . +12 is enough. . . Armor Set: Use Holy Armor [ because we're religious and prayers will add more damage :) ] Str 22+[c] High Agi-Str[p] or vice-versa , reinforce it with max str [35] . For boots, i prefer lvl 115 Metal shoes High Str [c] Agi-str[p] or vice-versa, and reinforce it to dex not ms [ cause we wanna be hercules, not the flash <_< ]. And for gloves, you should never replace the Hidden Blade gloves [ which means u should automatically use HB neck for set effect duhhhh <_< ] with high Agi-Str[p] or vice versa, and reinforce it again with max STR [35]. Why the Hidden blade set ? - because the ancient artifact have hidden blades [ that's why it's called Hidden Blade set ] that penetrate the enemy in multiple and unexpected angles that makes them go :o :blink: :wacko: . And then they die. And don't bother enchanting your set high because we only focus on damage here and we don't need def. It's a kill or be killed scenario. Accessories: Use Sekhmet - Sekhmet combo and use Highly concentrated Orihalcum to get double 19+ patk [p] [ this should make your vit go negative, but it doesn't matter ;) ] and for earrings, use Earrings of desire for more dex and HC ori it till u get 2x 19patk [p]. For necklace, Hidden Blade necklace with 19+patk [p]. Costumes and other stuff; BWL suit for 10% patk , and SET of 4 [head-gloves-boots-back] of any costume with crit damage effect and use Assassin's amulet for the back part to get high agi[p]. Use Angry water dragon [ because his anger makes u stronger B) ] for crit dmg and more dex. Dragon slayer belt STR or DEX, with high patk. and forsythia [trinket found in item mall ] for more dex. and last . . . Support Team; Note: this team will play a very vital role in your DESTROYING career and will be the secret to your success. The team consists of : Blade Taker or Arch Ranger for dex, Temper Master for crit dmg buffs, Panzer or Crusader for solid weapon, Magnus for aura buffs, Rune Master for more crit dmg buffs, and pets with STR , DEX , and PATK and mix it with patk nostrum. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: How to use your support team : 1. log in all of them 2. use all their buffs 3. use all pet buffs 4. use all nostrum buffs 5. use your buffs 6. GO KICK SOME @SS !!! :angry: :angry: :angry: WITH ALL THESE, THOU SHALL ACHIEVE TRUE POWER and many many many screenshots of the people u killed B) B) B) and by the way, call me... MACHO
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