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Found 9 results

  1. I was researching for the items to exchange with the tokens and thought of sharing this consolidated list with everybody. Please let me know if something is inaccurate. Hope this helps! :) look for Mint in Alker Harbor. These show up with [L] prefix: Mystic Coin from the Lunar New Year 2020 Event look for Mint in Alker Harbor. These show up with [W] prefix: Crystallized Snowflake from the Winter Tide 2019 Event look for Mint in Alker Harbor. These show up with [F] prefix: Mana Blossoms from Flora Festival 2019 Event look for Mint in Alker Harbor. These show up with [H] prefix: Voodoo Dolls from the Hallows Eve & Day of the Dead 2019 Event look for Mint in Alker Harbor. These show up with [DD] prefix: Bread of the Dead from the Hallows Eve & Day of the Dead 2019 Event look for Mint in Alker Harbor. These show up with prefix [ S ] Seashells from Summer Solstice 2020 Event Or you can convert them into Event Ribbons and exchange them for the corresponding Event Ribbon Rewards. Primrose in Alker Harbor has the items.
  2. Any past event tokens could be used to exchange for any past event items at Seasonal Helper Mint (Alker Harbour), regardless of whether the token and item are from the same event. Example: Crystallized Snow Flakes (Winter Tide event tokens) could be used to exchange for Witchy Outfit (Halloween event reward).
  3. Dear all Celestians, are you tired with current war in game? do you want to have organized, fair and fun war ? or maybe events? We want to connect the older generation of players with the new generation and provide a place for sharing and having fun. We need your participation! Celestian War & Events Proudly Presents: About the events: The first Celestian Weekly War will be called CWW#1, will begin in 21 September 2019 For the first Celestian Weekly War#1 will be: NON-EDIT WAR The registration period will be held from Sunday 15 September 2019-18 September 2019. Please register on https://forms.gle/8AdF2RYmF1kYt9FEA The war will be held on Saturday, 21 September 12:00 - 13.30 server time . There is no Registration Fee, and no winning prize for the winner but special gifts for lucky participant! in CWW#1. Please join celestian War & Events Discord for further information https://discord.gg/d6KDZRP Process for Weekly War: There will be 2 guilds, our representative will be the Guild Master of both guilds The war will go on for 1 hour and 30 minutes The guilds will be randomised through a randomiser application through the Google- Form. The minimum number for non-edit wars will require 20 players (10:10) in both guilds, and the maximum is 60 players in both guilds (30:30) The minimum number for edit wars will consist of 10 players (5:5) in both guilds, and the maximum number of players will be 30 players (15:15) in both guilds If the minimum number is not fulfilled, the war will be canceled and rescheduled for next events.. If the guilds have an uneven amount of players, our representatives will make a decision on how to change the guild sizes, this may result in an our representatives joining a team, rearrangement based on punctuality or there will be switching player during the war. Extra players are allowed to spectate the war and must NOT interfere For those players who get tired and want to switch with other player just shout, or pm LeaderTeamA/LeaderTeamB The spectators are not allowed to interfere with the event, if the spectator does this they will receive a warning and could result in a kick from the guild Once the war has ended, the Guild Master will kick all members of the guild and calculate the winner through how many points has been gained or lost The winner will be based on the guild points reduction, the guild that has lost the least amount of most guild points is the winner, our representatives will announce the initial Guild point and Guild point reduction. The list name of winner will be published in Discord. 30 minutes after the war ended, our representatives will make the guild empty again for the next event. Players are allowed to stay longer or leave the guild before that. Rules: Anyone who breaks the rules will be kicked out from the guild, every player will get 1 time warning before he/she get kicked out. Edits are not allowed in non edit war, if edits are suspected please report to our representatives. Our representatives will ask the suspect to show them their items after receiving min 3 reports from different players and the punishment will be decided depending on the amount of edits used. Edits are allowed in open wars, it is your choice whether to use edits or not. Keep racism/hate speech out of the events. Avoid disruptive behavior, Don't spam Steer clear of drama Try not to initiate or facilitate needless drama. For future suggestion please personal message the our representatives, or just post your idea in discord or Forum. How to Register: The link will be published every Monday on game discord, and our celestian War & Events discord. Just simply fill out the registration form. The registration period will be for every Sunday-wednesday, and will be closed on Thursday at 00.00 server time. The announcement of the team will be published every Thursday Make sure your character have no guild, and ready to be invited The invitation will be held at Alker Harbour Ch 1 from Friday 00:00 - Saturday 12:00 Server Time (1 hour before the war begins) at server time, just personal messages or notes LeaderTeamA and LeaderTeamB for invitation. Players are not allowed to invite anyone to our events guild, for those players who invite without our representatives confirmation will get a warning. The war will be held every Saturday 12:00 - 13.30 server time . Plans for Future Events: We plan to have "Weekly war" and "Monthly Tournament" with registration fee and winning prize. We plan to make fun war/event such as “(Protect the guild master” (when you have war but the point will be based on how many times the guild master died, you can use offense or defense strategy), “NPC Equipment Days” (where your current character, or a new character war/duel by using npc equipment Lv 5/40/75) and many others. We plan to have open suggestions for fun event beside of war through our discord. We plan to open recruitment for our representatives in the future. Looking forwards to see you at the events!
  4. In preparation for cancer awareness month coming in October, I propose a cancer awareness month event. Event will be Event, Gem, and PD based. This event will bring back old players and invite new players that have not experienced the glamour that is Luna Online. Event includes but not limited to: #1 special items sold in gem store that are pink but normally would never be the color pink (Example items are SF PA costume, BWL, Wiz robe, capes, sunglasses) The most used costume items in a pink hue. #2 An automated event such as our most recent event in dark forest. balloons celebrating people who have survived cancer and promoting awareness will be placed in key locations throughout most used maps on Celestia. #3 Banners promoting Cancer awareness while also promoting Celestia Luna (This will be used as a marketing tool for Celestia Luna) During the event videos will be made and posted on YouTube for others to view all the fun that happens on this private server while inviting people to join. #4 Special PD items that will be available for limited time. Items such as pink VIP gloves, BWS, munchkin gloves, weapons and armors all in pink hue.(Limited supplies to prevent over pinkness in general population) The items will not be an upgrade from current items. They will promote awareness with a pink shade and have a special name. #5 GM sponsored events that interacts with players while giving consumables like 100% and pukes. One example is lvl 1 race through higher lvl maps like moon blind forest / swamp/ ghost tree swamp. The price of these items are absurd. People who are new that join would never be able to afford these items if they wanted to level and didn't have the items,gold or ability to donate. Most people do not have rich friends in game or people randomly giving out free items. #6 Daily login event prizes given out. Everyday you get a small item, if you're online for 7 days in a row for 30 minutes each day you get a consumable like speed pot, 100%, 30% or 10% scrolls. A portion of gem revenue collected by the event goes to a institution of cancer research as designated by administrators.
  5. I'd like to start off by saying I didn't think I would be interested in this game. Having tried the Subagames "Reborn" version[let me know if we don't talk about that mess here lol] It left a bad taste in my mouth regarding the grind involved to simply try all the different classes. This version of Luna is superior in every way...(minus the whole built in bot thing). Having said that, I do have some things that I have found to be worthy of improving upon. First of all being the forum activity. I almost didn't even download and try this game because of the lack of recent forum activity. I'm glad I did--in game has a healthy population--few large guilds, definitely some people to play with. What I would like to see is more forum activity, perhaps some stimulated by contests for screenshots, guide creation, story writing, something to get people onto the forum keeping it active..again because we seem to have the population in game to support an active forum too...but nobody seems to enjoy coming here to post((Everyone watches that entrapper farming guide, they go to Nera Harbor and we never see them leave game again)) While leveling I found that certain areas of the game have abundant farming spots, where you can quickly go from one group of enemies to the next AoE farming. Then you get to places like Fairy Valley and Kierras Lair and monsters are very spread out...some aren't even aggressive.(Looking at you Pegasus). I would love to see increased spawn amount of enemies in these maps, perhaps even on some earlier maps I haven't mentioned and later maps I haven't made it to yet. I only say this because those crowded level spots eventually push you out because of the lvl 15 range for exp, and exp to level becomes higher and higher(naturally) but maps become more sparsely populated. Nera Harbor of course is very crowded, but it takes some grinding to get good enough to start farming there. While leveling bosses have some pretty cool drops, but the early levels go by so quickly. Why not reintroduce these monsters with the same drops, but at higher levels in some sort of event? I know id like a copy of those fancy red weapons for alts in the future((or just to have and look at in a bank tab,haha)) Would also be nice to see something along the lines of 'elite' monster spawns with increased exp/difficulty/loot. My first character I built with an idea in mind. A Cleric type mage that goes down the path of Necromancy. The skill Holy Spike sounded EXCELENT. It was my first chance at an AoE in my class path(Cleric-Monk-Inquirer). Right now I have this character sitting at lvl 80 with an AoE skill that doesn't cause area damage.....any chance of a fix for this? Also I can't prove it, but It feels like Stealth is somehow causing a disconnect from the game(complete client closure) when I use it for extended periods. Ive noticed the game doesn't seem to have an persistent events, something like a time of day or week where players come together to complete something. I feel I'm still kinda new to the game to be suggesting things....but here I am thinking why not have some kind of special reward (like high exp) on PvP enabled maps? And have the PvP turn on and off at certain times? Give the map special 'target' monsters that players fight one another to get the chance to kill. I know this is a large wall of text and I haven't been around long but Id like to stick around and felt it would be good to voice my opinions and concerns.(I'm sure more are coming) tl:dr Awesome server, spawn # would be nice going up, need more events, some skills are broken or have incorrect tooltip
  6. Take a nice screenshot and use it to create a beautiful postcard! Rules No inappropriate content is allowed. You must use the frame provided for your screenshot and not resize it. Add your screenshot underneath it, just like the example at the top. Your screenshot must be taken for this event and not before or long ago. Your screenshot must be taken in Celestia Luna! You must hide all names for the screenshot used (open Options, first tab, uncheck all name options). You can edit your screenshot, add effects, crop it(cut), add small images (like emoticons and clipart, do not add any logos!). Extra images added must not cover the entire screenshot. Each player is permitted a single entry. Respect the guidelines and submit your art in time, late entries will not be accepted. Do not reply to this topic unless it's to submit an entry or ask a question. How to enter: Download the provided postcard blank (spoiler at the bottom), use it to create your entry, upload it to the forums or anywhere else and reply with your character name and your entry. Guidelines The theme is fun and summer! Make it colorful, fun, full of action, entertaining, happy, any combination of the previous. Have originality! Overly edited screenshots or screenshots covered in too much extra art (emoticons, clipart, etc) are not pretty. Prizes Every participant will obtain a pair of summer sunglasses (red or white, your choice). Top 3 entries will receive a summer accessory of their choice (Tourist Hat(M/F), Rabbit Cap(M/F), Ducky Tube, Pink Bear Tube, Green Stars Tube, Candy Stripes Tube) 1st place will also receive 1 summer costume of their choice. Good luck and have fun! Here's a web based image editor if you need one!
  7. The sun is shining bright, flowers are blooming and a fresh breeze ruffles through the trees. Perfect weather to relax and get creative! Draw fanart of Celestia Luna Online and win cute prizes~ Rules No inappropriate content such as sex, violence, drugs, discrimination, etc. No ecchi and so on. Your artwork must be yours and made only for this contest. If you enter art that was made long before or not by you you will get punished both in forums and in game! Respect the guidelines and submit your art in time, late entries will not be accepted. The fanart must be 2D and drawn/painted by either hand or digitally. Screenshots, photos, non-2D work or lineart is not accepted. (You must at least color or shade if you don't want to color your fanart) Each player is permitted a single entry. The smallest resolution permitted for your entry is 800x600px. Your artwork mustn't contain Luna Plus features, keep it classic! Do not reply to this topic unless it's to submit an entry or ask a question. Sign your artwork and add a footnote that says "CelestiaLuna.com". This is required. Guidelines Small or bad quality images will be poorly judged, try to make your image at least 800px tall or wide and use PNG or maximum quality JPG(advanced). You will be judged on originality, try to draw something interesting, lively, fun or packed with action! Boring fanart such as a character profile on a white background will be judged poorly. Try to make your art colorful, full of life and detailed. Or at least one of those! Most of all try to have fun and do not rush it, poorly executed artwork because of rushing is never good! How to enter Upload your artwork somewhere safe where it won't be deleted or taken if it's too big for a forum attachment (500kb maximum) and add your character name to your post. You can edit your post before the deadline to change your entry as many times as you wish. Prizes 1st Place: Cloud Rider Costume, 5 gachas of your choice. 2nd Place: Wing from the Gem Store of your choice, 3 gachas of your choice. 3rd Place: Head item from the Gem Store of your choice, 3 gachas of your choice. Top 10: Puppy Costume Good luck and have fun!
  8. Hi guys! Since there are a lot of cool, cute and awesome costumes featured in game already, I would like to ask some suggestions about your "style" in a way of "EVENT." You can have a theme of demonic, angelic, cute or what so ever. Comment down your suggestions if possible, post pictures too (which I would really appreciate). I'm going to give prize to the costume suggestion that I might like! (Top 3) Goodluck!
  9. SmokeTwoJoints

    Bug Quest

    I did not get Reward after i finish the quest........ help me
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