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Found 11 results

  1. I feel like every little moment should be captured Here you can show off your characters and tell your story of your Luna online experiences and have people read them I'll go first! Hi, I'm excei but most people know and call me cei It took me forever to reach max level in this game. When I created my character I slowly got better by collecting equipment, leveling up, learning new skills and founded a base where I built up from. As I got new equipment it gave me a great sense of progression and enjoyed watching my stats go up I like to buy the new items that get added to the shop such as costumes and gachas. I don't get bored easily cause I have fun mix and matching all the costumes I own. I especially love to wear costumes that change my hair style, i feel like it gives it an extra dash of uniqueness. I also like using my orange ponytail hair that I got from a beauty salon. #funfact I never changed the hair style of my first character excei. I'm astonished with the fact of just how wearing costumes will make your character appear more stylish! Another thing during my time on Luna I've made many friends and they're so nice to me and I also enjoy running my own guild and family, it's the one with the rose logo if you haven't noticed. We sometime have non edit wars for levels 115 and 150 This game makes me feel nostalgic of the games I've played. I hope everyone is enjoying the game as much as I am. Please kindly share your experiences in the comments below, I'd really love to see and read all of your experiences in the game Sincerely Yours, cei
  2. "Good leaders can make good decisions, but a great leader takes his companion's opinions before he makes his move." -Jonah (Leader/Founder) Join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/hyJNhxx Base: Alker Harbor 1 Member Slots: Open Current Level: 8 Introduction Upon making Equality, I had one goal in mind: Connect the old generation of players with the new generation and provide a growing place for those looking to improve. Let's make each other stronger! That being said, any level is welcome as well as any nationality/race. Just bring your A-game! With this being said, I'd like to introduce the features of Equality with a strong introduction. So without further ado, welcome to the mighty Skyforge. Features: Random Events Scheduled Events Fixed Wars Open Wars Active Leaders VP Support Strong guidance Fun conversations Accepting environments And much more! Current Union SkyForge Union Moon Showdown SALT Current Open War: Mixmaster Union Rules (PLEASE READ!!!!) I know, I know, rules suck, but they're here for a reason. 1. Do not start drama with other members of our guild, we are a family. 2. At no point are you to make racist comments, even if it is to an enemy. Our goal is to destroy our opponents without using those cheap dirty tactics that others use. 3. Obey server rules at all times. We can't afford to have members getting banned for illegal activity. 4. Show up to wars when online and available. 5. No kicking members without consulting me Ranking Guild Master Wuuthrad Vice Presidents @Root - Dices @Sath - BANGSATH Dnsi Syphe Jonah @mikoku12 SentMeNudes Mosaic If you prove yourself through your activity both in-game and in relation to guild members, you can become a VP too! Conclusion To close this topic, I'd like to wish you all good luck! Hopefully we cross paths in-game or even in-guild. Forge on, Skyforge!
  3. Maaf ikut numpang ngepost ;) hehehe | Yu (Khususnya bagi para pemain baru. Tapi kalo ada yang udah sakti trus minat juga boleh XD) join kita di "Syllables" , kita mau buat guild jadi tempat nongkrong kalau tidak ada kerjaan. Kita hunting bareng, dating dungeon bareng, have fun (pvp,gvg,dsb) bareng. Syllables Guild lv : 1 (Guild baru | 19 April 2017) Requirements : -Any level allowed -Indonesian -Active -Loyal Bagi yang tertarik dapat comment di bawah/note/whisper nick : GeSamudra [T]ogether [E]veryone [A]chieves [M]ore
  4. SaintRose Open Recruitment. Female Character Only Language : English (most) and other Welcome to New Players Follow the game Rules No Toxic, No Racist Active Players About this Guild. Still level 2 but this is Old Guild No War Fun Only Guild Event (in game and this Forum) Want to join? note my character IGN : Rosenia
  5. Dear all Celestians, are you tired with current war in game? do you want to have organized, fair and fun war ? or maybe events? We want to connect the older generation of players with the new generation and provide a place for sharing and having fun. We need your participation! Celestian War & Events Proudly Presents: About the events: The first Celestian Weekly War will be called CWW#1, will begin in 21 September 2019 For the first Celestian Weekly War#1 will be: NON-EDIT WAR The registration period will be held from Sunday 15 September 2019-18 September 2019. Please register on https://forms.gle/8AdF2RYmF1kYt9FEA The war will be held on Saturday, 21 September 12:00 - 13.30 server time . There is no Registration Fee, and no winning prize for the winner but special gifts for lucky participant! in CWW#1. Please join celestian War & Events Discord for further information https://discord.gg/d6KDZRP Process for Weekly War: There will be 2 guilds, our representative will be the Guild Master of both guilds The war will go on for 1 hour and 30 minutes The guilds will be randomised through a randomiser application through the Google- Form. The minimum number for non-edit wars will require 20 players (10:10) in both guilds, and the maximum is 60 players in both guilds (30:30) The minimum number for edit wars will consist of 10 players (5:5) in both guilds, and the maximum number of players will be 30 players (15:15) in both guilds If the minimum number is not fulfilled, the war will be canceled and rescheduled for next events.. If the guilds have an uneven amount of players, our representatives will make a decision on how to change the guild sizes, this may result in an our representatives joining a team, rearrangement based on punctuality or there will be switching player during the war. Extra players are allowed to spectate the war and must NOT interfere For those players who get tired and want to switch with other player just shout, or pm LeaderTeamA/LeaderTeamB The spectators are not allowed to interfere with the event, if the spectator does this they will receive a warning and could result in a kick from the guild Once the war has ended, the Guild Master will kick all members of the guild and calculate the winner through how many points has been gained or lost The winner will be based on the guild points reduction, the guild that has lost the least amount of most guild points is the winner, our representatives will announce the initial Guild point and Guild point reduction. The list name of winner will be published in Discord. 30 minutes after the war ended, our representatives will make the guild empty again for the next event. Players are allowed to stay longer or leave the guild before that. Rules: Anyone who breaks the rules will be kicked out from the guild, every player will get 1 time warning before he/she get kicked out. Edits are not allowed in non edit war, if edits are suspected please report to our representatives. Our representatives will ask the suspect to show them their items after receiving min 3 reports from different players and the punishment will be decided depending on the amount of edits used. Edits are allowed in open wars, it is your choice whether to use edits or not. Keep racism/hate speech out of the events. Avoid disruptive behavior, Don't spam Steer clear of drama Try not to initiate or facilitate needless drama. For future suggestion please personal message the our representatives, or just post your idea in discord or Forum. How to Register: The link will be published every Monday on game discord, and our celestian War & Events discord. Just simply fill out the registration form. The registration period will be for every Sunday-wednesday, and will be closed on Thursday at 00.00 server time. The announcement of the team will be published every Thursday Make sure your character have no guild, and ready to be invited The invitation will be held at Alker Harbour Ch 1 from Friday 00:00 - Saturday 12:00 Server Time (1 hour before the war begins) at server time, just personal messages or notes LeaderTeamA and LeaderTeamB for invitation. Players are not allowed to invite anyone to our events guild, for those players who invite without our representatives confirmation will get a warning. The war will be held every Saturday 12:00 - 13.30 server time . Plans for Future Events: We plan to have "Weekly war" and "Monthly Tournament" with registration fee and winning prize. We plan to make fun war/event such as “(Protect the guild master” (when you have war but the point will be based on how many times the guild master died, you can use offense or defense strategy), “NPC Equipment Days” (where your current character, or a new character war/duel by using npc equipment Lv 5/40/75) and many others. We plan to have open suggestions for fun event beside of war through our discord. We plan to open recruitment for our representatives in the future. Looking forwards to see you at the events!
  6. ❄Legacy of God❄ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ Guild name: Legacy of God Guild level: 4 Union name: Alliance of God Guilds in the union: ♦LegacyOfGod♦ ♥Snowflakes♥ ♣JH0KER♣ (-) You aren't allowed to: Be racist :o Break guild rules and war rules :huh: Insult your guildmates :mellow: Spy in our guild! :angry: Cheat on the game. Play normally and it'll be fun~ :rolleyes: Requirement to be a Guild member here: Active is a must here :P Any levels is allowed here :) You have to be loyal! ^_^ You have to respect your guildmates. :D Our Indonesia's independence's day event! Our noob's union's member list: ♥ Shienny ♥ Oxdri ♥ Ninanyan ♥ iNewPz ♥ Kofoku ♥ Chimson ♥ LoveeTepen ♥ ciaoBella ♥ xSharkx ♥ ChloeValentine ♥ Evangelline ♥ AldeaMalvada ♥ Elemeno ♥ Balpir ♥ iCuddle ♥ Bidz ♥ AprilliaCloudya ♥ iBlanca ♥ cheTheArchangel ♥ iAraa ♥ Zooxantela ♥ Cheesya ♥ oRinHermione ♥ Turuc ♥ Aventis ♥ iAditdeAngeloo ♥ Pluviophile ♥ iRikka ♥ Hippocampus ♥ iBlanca ♥ LauSatoshi ♥ xHattori ♥ SonnyJEPIAY ♥ iKimmi ♥ BurnLight ♥ Zackie ♥ Giroud ♥ Meylia ♥ MrPerfecto ♥ zTetteTz ♥ and many more ~ [if you're not tagged here, whisper/note me Ninanyan in-game so I can add you here :P] (list updated 13/02/2016, 19:44PM ) To join, note/whisper Oxdri in-game~ Do what you love, and love what you do~ ♥ :wub:
  7. ~ ~ ~ ~ Introduction ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hello Alphabetians! Alphabets is a new guild created on May 5, 2016. Alphabets only intended for people who are friendly, active, and crazy. Alphabets always open to anyone (low - high level), don't afraid to join our Guild ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Lv : 4 Guild Master : Timothee | (Profile) GM's Assistant : iMapple | (Profile) Location : Alker Harbor (Ch 1) Union Name : SleepyHeads Union Member : Alphabets, SleepingKnight, Presentt Social Media Group : Facebook & LINE Messenger Guild Mark : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GM : Timothee (Tim) VPs : Eifan, iMapple (Dirga), Misteltein (Vania) SleepingKnight (Dudi) Elders : Reinzard(Mike), LittleAssassinn (Yudi), SetoKousuke (Putra), Kiyorin (Novi), PureWhiteGrace (Rausyan), CaptRuck (Rizal) Members from The Dark Ages Timothee, Eifan, iMapple, Hellosays, SleepingKnight, Reinzard, LittleAssassinn, SetoKousuke, Kiyorin, PureWhiteGrace Hellocute, Hellovoice, Latfite, TopID, Kherlin, Kiyonne, fafavin, Gelonteng, cyantum, Bardtkopz, MrGrunger DebbyOktavia, Cianante, Creps, SeneradeHandOnez, PuppyCaty, lxresistenciaxl ThEon3, LcoZen, KazamaKirito, boruto123, boruto12, iNephthys, Alfazema, llHamaslJslFoll 7thFarmz, funtasy, Puutz, CindyYuuvia, xfuntasy, MrOcean (Budi Ganteng) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Active Fun Friendly Loyal Kind Obey the rules of the guild ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No War (We're never declare a War) No Begging (Hard-working is one of the main purpose of this game) No Cheat (Never use any Cheat) No Badmouth (Becareful with ur Mouth) No Breaking Game Rules No Enemy (Never make an Enemy from another guild) *Breaking guild's rules will be kicked out from guild* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Level (Made for all~) All Regions (Most of our guild members are Indonesian) Must be Kind (Read the member & guild rules above) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Status : CLOSED Since our guild still lv4, we only can gather 35 members only. So we are really sorry if u want to join Alphabets but we said "Full" But u guys still can join our Union Guild (SleepingKnights or Presentt), maybe they have empty slot in their guild Because our relationship is more than "friend" We're FAMILY We connected each other, we fun, happy and feel sadness together Just ask one of our member especially our VPs and Elders and he/she will invite u guys! .~*~. And remember we have Facebook and LINE Messenger group guys ! Keep Connected Each Other ! Note : More active in LINE Messenger than in game ~ For more info contact me in game ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Need Active n Fun GUILD English can work or INDO
  9. Welcome to Ains Ooal Gown! Level Restriction: None Language: English Rating: PG-13 Rules: 1. Pursue Excellence. Work to improve yourself. Don't beg or engage in dishonorable actions. We are the supreme beings, after all. 2. Out of consideration for other guild members, please use English in guild chat. This is an English speaking guild. We welcome people from all over the world, but so that we can all understand what is going on the guild chat, try to use English as much as possible. 3. Respect and support each other. Treat the other members as if they are your own family. Training/Leveling/DDing together is encouraged. 4. Asking and sharing information is free. We are here to improve ourselves, but also each other. Teach and learn. 5. If you'll be gone for more than a week, please notify the GM or VP. Inactive members will be removed for the good of the guild. We need active members to improve our gameplay. If you plan to return, just notify us so you won't be dismissed. Recruitment: Contact/Note any of the following: Amerisu Elende Yuiji
  10. 🌙 BlueEyes ~ Guild ~ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 💡 Hi there! We announce to every new players and old players here, who still seeking for a guild to join. We invite you to join this new friendly growing-up guild, BlueEyes, where there is no level-gap (everyone may join), a place to ask for informations (about your own char build, skills, items, etc), a place for everyone who want to talk and chat to other players just like to chat with close friends (we are not allowing bad mouth and other bad things), BlueEyes is here for everyone who need close friends to chat and get more experiences (maybe we will try, occasionally, a friendly war with other guild with a same level for the members and the guild). And for my personal wish, I hope everyone (both new and old players) could seek for this guild and then join as long as this server is active. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 🎧 IGN to Note/ PM? You can private message (pm)/ note the IGN below: - BlueLeader as the Guild Master or - ShotgunAngel (mine) as the VP I usually on at Saturday and Sunday 'late' night, between 9pm until 12pm or just for minutes in other days. I have my own business so I just have those hours. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 📚 Rules? Nothing specified (except what I said above). But please treat this guild like our second place to live and chat (You may chat about your own problem and need someone to hear, or need some opinions just to make You feel better than before). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 🌱 That's all I think this is enough for the introduction, all things that I want to say has been writed above. Just note me for other information. IGN: ShotgunAngel (Sarah) Gender: Female Job: Panzer (currently on level 117) Speciality: Solo Tanker and Hitter Live in: Indonesia Facebook: ShotgunAngel Luna ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Nothing is perfect. But it doesn't mean it's impossible to find. Because perfectness is subjective." 🌙 BlueEyes
  11. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guild Lv : 4 Guild Master : IceBuffer - Troyard War Status : Won't have any war ________________________________________________________________________________________________ SleepingKnights Alphabets, NyaanCat ________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are SleepingKnights, so our activities is AFK for sleep *lol Kidiing* We wont have any war, except if there's urgent situation This guild is open for all country This guild is only for fun Member should Online everyday, or at least on the weekend (friday-sunday). you dont need to be high lv or have imba equip Most of our member is low level player or newbie, so we can give them a little guidance to play CL Watch your manner Our Facebook group : SleepyHeads Union Basecamp is at Alker Harbor Channel 1 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Active-Fun-Loyal Status : ________________________________________________________________________________________________
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