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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys this is my first time write a guide and my English is not very good as well if any mistake i made please correct me Well this guide actually is base on other guide from ''tony119'' Title The Magical Knight - Full INT Crusader Guide So what is the different from his Guide and mine? This is through my experience from being a crusader quite sometime now i'll reveal the secret of crusader the Pros and Cons and combat skill, i'm pretty well know how to overcome most of the classes but there's few weakness on crusader such as DOT and 1 Hit KO players (especially those player capable to 1 hit KO their opponents) But do not worry i will teach how overcome this 1 hit killer with this guide later on. Many people might start questioning can crusader be STR type? the answer is No!! Don't Ever Make STR Base Crusader epic fail type build !! you see Crusader is a magic type of class although is from fighter tree but the real goal for crusader is being a magic tanker more like magic fighter, because crusader doesn't have overpower Magic Attack like most Magic classes so the way how to fight is totally different from most classes. it's more like Paladin playing style but with magic base skill to penetrate the Physical Def (Is Deadly for Tanker) Strategy is reduce the opponent hp bit by bit by repeatedly combo during duel "Only". As for War i'll recommend making yourself as tank as possible like Meatshield during battlefield to protect your guild-mate to stay alive in battlefield. Crusader role is guarding revive spot prevent anyone get away by using "Blunt Shield" and "Holy Earthquake" to Stun them possibility can kill them too sometimes. Ok...now how to build a crusader? from my experience i will recommend go for Elf > Fighter > Guard > Infantryman > Phalanx > Crusader (Passive effect total gain 11%P.Def & M.Atk 5%)Updated Some people might ask why not Rune Knight instead of Phalanx? for Rune Knight yes you will benefit from 3 aura and Rune Impact is good for duel to be honest but not in war. you see during war we don't have much time to keep rebuff and also your Holy Avenger and Holy Strike might get lower levels to compare with phalanx so that's not a good choice. furthermore Phalanx has passive Def is more effective than the 3 Aura during war. (Just my opinion) Stats - INT all the way your passive def will be enough for you to survive from leveling from beginning to 119lvl Fighter - Skills • MAX Strike Attack - This will be your main attack until you hit level 40. You don't need much PATK for this skill because it has poison DOT effect.• MAX Nature's Shield - More PDEF • MAX Enhanced HP - So that you will be more beefier!• MAX Mace Protection - Well you will be using Athena Mace for this guide to get that PDEF Bonus. Level 20: Guard (Location Alker Harbor Wiff) - Since you won't need PATK, it is really recommend to go Guard rather than Warrior to get a high PDEF earlier.Skills • MAX Strike Attack• MAX Blessing Guard - Self PDEF buff.• MAX Nature's Shield• MAX Enhanced HP• MAX Blood Leak - This will save you if you got stun-locked by mobs i.e. Nera Harbor pirates• MAX Mace Protection• MAX Heavy Armor Expertise - I really love this passive as this is the core source of Fighter Class' high PDEF.• MAX Shield Training - Here's another passive that I love as it increases the chance of your block rate. (The usual damage for block is 1) Level 40: Infantryman (Location Alker Harbor Wiff)Skills to put:• MAX Strike Attack• MAX Holy Avenger - This will be your main AOE skill. it deals a decent magical damage with a little cooldown. Wary that this skill also uses a small amount of your HP per cast.• MAX Holy Strike - Counterpart to Holy Avenger, this will be your main single target skill together with Double Strike. It's cooldown is faster than the Holy Avenger but it consumes a lot of MP per use.• Level 1 Attract Circle - I love this skill. You will get a lot of mobs with this skill. Keep this in level 1 since you will more likely grind solo Only.• MAX Solid Shield - This is a single target buff that increases block rate.• MAX Heal - With this, you're almost immortal. • MAX Blessing Guard• MAX Nature's Shield• MAX Enhanced HP• MAX Blood Leak• MAX Troopership - This is automatically activated even you don't have a party• MAX Mace Protection• MAX Heavy Armor Expertise• MAX Shield Training Level 75: Phalanx (Location Alker Harbor Wiff) - This might also be your favorite part. I chose Phalanx to get that Level 20 Heavy Armor Expertise, Level 15 Shield Training, Level 20 Mace Protection, and other buffs / passive that will turn you into an indestructible wall of iron. This job also has an improve Heal, Holy Avenger and Holy Strike. Skills to put: • MAX Double Strike - This will be the 1 of the Combo skills max it the poison will kill your opponent slowly with other few skill later on i'll mention it • MAX Holy Avenger • MAX Holy Strike • MAX Solid Shield • MAX Heal - You will have a huge heal starting Level 6. Anyway, You should max it out to compensate with your HIGH HP. • MAX Blessing Guard • MAX Nature's Shield • MAX Enhanced HP • MAX Blood Leak • MAX Relaxation - Another passive that increases HP Regen • MAX Troopership • MAX Mace Protection • MAX Heavy Armor Expertise • MAX Shield Training Level 105: Crusader (Cindamook in Nera Village)- Now this will complete your offensive skills. NO NEED TO RESKILL but if you insist, you may get a free character-bound reskill from Celerian. (Crusaders Only) Skills to put: • MAX Holy Earthquake - This is the 1 of your 2 AOE skills. It has a pretty good damage, short cooldown and it stuns, just like the Earthquake skills of 2-handed fighter - but in a magical form damage. Be wary that you can have Level 1 of this skill by Level 106 so work your ass for another level! • MAX Holy Avenger • MAX Holy Strike • MAX Spell Barrier - Finally, you will have more chance to deal a full damage magic attack! • MAX Devoted Mind - This passive greatly increases your MATK • MAX Power Prayer: Power - This is a 2 minute buff that will increase your Party's MATK (of course, the buffs includes you) - REQUIRES MACE TO USE • MAX Defense Prayer: Fortitude - a 2 minute buff that will increase your Party's PDEF - REQUIRES MACE TO USE • MAX Nature's Mind - For resistant Magic User especially on duel or war you will need it! • MAX Shield Barrier - During war you might need it for better survival • MAX Invulnerable - During war you might need it for better survival • MAX Magic Barrier - This skill i'll recommend max it once you max all the skill above it's use a lot SP (Resist Magic) Be Aware of Bug Skills • Holy Touch - the effect still the same as 1 level even higher level or max • Prayer Purity - It doesn't remove any negative buffs at all i had experiment with all jobs negative buff on it already • Prayer Freedom - It doesn't work as it should be doesn't remove any slow negative buffs although casting do increase Moving Speed before been cast any Negative slow skills As Combo Skills Info - first your ideal move should be Shield Blunt if you're facing melee range opponent it's give 7 sec of stun, however if your opponent is magic class or range user you might have to use Holy Earthquake for better range it's has 7m range so it should be enough to stun them if they were running around. - Once your opponent been stun by Blunt Shield > Holy Strike > Holy Avenger > Double Strike This is the perfect combination of combo! Repeat non-stop until your opponent dying slowly. Since it's magic base skill it could penetrate the P.def even tanker would be defeated by this combo! ( Be Aware Do not use Holy Earthquake after Blunt Shield is perform!! It will cancel the Blunt Shield instead!!) "The reason why i didn't add Holy Earthquake into the combo it because Holy Earthquake would cancel Blunt Shield instead, and it would just ruin the combo. But do not worry with this 4 skills is perfect to stun-lock anyone and dealing bit by bit of damage til die. War Strategy - The Strategy is simple guarding revive spot stun anyone who try to escape and let your guild-mate kill the rest. being a meatshield for Guild-mate and save the world Item Choice -I'll prefer prepare 2 set of equipment Full INT and Full VIT you can switch to any type of crusader as you want, it could be Balance Mode, Offensive Mode and Tanker Mode. -As for INT for grinding and fight against Tanker in duel need higher M.A to kill them faster. -AS for VIT for war tanking enemies attack and survive during dual with 1 hit players Pros - Can solo grind from beginning to max level Independent class! High P.Def and M.Def at the same time with Heal Perfect for being a Meatshield in War! Deadly close range fighter once the opponent been stun successfully Victory is yours!! Cons - Poor in PVP not recommended , consumes a lot of mana especially performing the combo skills , lack of range during duel. Weakness - Slow and DOT skills , huge critical damage dealer (Mostly happen on BT and destroyer with fully buff only) The only choice for overcome 1 Hit players is make your crusader as tank as possible high HP and Def ignore the Huge M.A! Those 1 Hit players mostly they have very low HP so even low M.A should be enough to kill them if you can survive their 1st strike. Recommend grinding location 20LV - 30LV Moon Blind Forest 30LV - 40LV Moon Blind Swamp 40LV - 50LV Mont Blanc Port 50LV - 60LV Dries Gazelle Fall 60LV - 75LV The Dark Portal 75LV - 85LV Fairy Valley 85LV - 95LV Liar Kierra 95LV - 105LV Nera Harbor Remember use DD to speed up leveling So that's my Crusader through my experience. Feel free to give me some feedback i'll try my best to make it more perfect and more mainstream. Here is my completed Crusader set. I had did some changes to adapt war purpose, which is i swap into full VIT instead of INT so it's help me better for surviving the war withstand more higher damage dealer but the cons my magic attack drop from 5k to 2.5k as you can see in the photo below.i found out this could maximize tanking potential. So some people might ask without any damage how am i suppose to war? My answer will be using Holy Earthquake as support and blunt shield plus Double Strike surprisedly am still able to kill some people with poison haha. but most of the time i just stun and let guild-mate kill the rest and i bet with this technique all hitter would piss off. Fully buff with this set can achieve 20k p.def and 48k HP (Outdated stats before path passive effect)
  2. hello everyone! as i've mentioned in my profile... "healer here". most of my in-game activities will revolve on that... healing, recovering, protecting, aiding allies. recuperative and support magic... ain't it good..? or maybe... it's just me thinking that way... but anyways... i'll pursue this!
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