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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I'm Indonesian, Just started to play this Classic Luna again, my old accounts have some old email issues, but still fresh characters (If not forget), so I decided to make a new one (a...not just one ). & here is a few of my project, if you want to check it please don't be shy, click my link below https://clotes.gitlab.io | NPC Shop Items List - Celestia Luna Online 2023 feel free to add comment and feedback below, Thanks NB: my website is "playable" for mobiles or desktop.
  2. finally made an account on the forums so hey why not an introduction too hi everybody!! ive had a character on luna named Maescia for a while now id like to get to know everybody here sometime, the community seems nice~
  3. Yellow everybody! Because i'm new here it'd be inappropriate if i don't introduce my self. My name is Adiva Zahida Meisha, you can call me Adiv, Diva or Mimi. I was actually lived on Kluang, Malaysia but currently i'm taking a study at Jakarta, Indonesia. I was searching for some cute-gals game when i'm suddenly bumb into this. I had a tough time learning the in-game system and gameplay. Actually i've played this game for about a week but because i got trouble at making the forum account so i just got it today. Anyway if you meet me in game, don't forget to say hi okay ~ Oh almost forgot, my character's name is maplewood. Well see ya in-game. :)
  4. Khavish™


    Hey Ther :v From Luna ph and [another noob server] hehehe
  5. Hello Guys! I'll be playing CL starting tomorrow I guess? Still downloading the client :) I played on the official Luna Online (Philippines) before but I quit soon after the dupe bug become rampant. Anyways, I'm looking forward in making some new friends here. See you in game!
  6. Once again I find myself thrusted into another virtual world with endless horizons in front of me, I'll admit I am quite new to this world and how things are ran. I was even skeptical about it at first since I have heard nothing about it, but as luck would have it my Lotus knows how to sift the good from the bad. My name is ZaNosch, and before the thought crosses your mind tis not my birth name. It's been quite some time since I wandered the mmo worlds, much is new and yet some things still the same. So far this game however hasn't disappointed me, its friendly to new people to the world which is always a plus for people trying to pick up and go. Wow look at me ramble on, well hopefully I find some of you in that sprawling world and hoping more its at a tavern instead of knee deep in orcs. Well a bit more about this elf, I'm not new by any stretch of the word to the world of Roleplay. I enjoy cooking, and winter nights. As a matter of fact the other night during a table top Roleplay I cooked dinner for my friends under a oddly winterish night sky. I seem serious and sometimes rather cold when I am trying to be serious but well if we cross paths you'll learn quite quickly I can be just as reckless and entertaining as the guy beside me in a chicken outfit. (-.- seriously what is up with that. Its like branding someone a :D o hai thar! kinda nub) But yes if you have anymore questions by all means feel free to ask, I promise im not against curious cats :P. I bid you all adieu until we meet again.
  7. Hello Celestia Luna Forums! I'm a new...poster, let's say, from GPotato. Unfortunately it shut down, but you know that already. When it comes to posting in the forums, I usually post in the support, questions, report, general discussion, and media forums, so most of my posts will be there. But about myself, I have a very good sense of humor, and make my friends in 9th grade, laugh ALL THE TIME. I'm considered the "class clown". I'm 15 and living in Vietnam. I'm actually American, but we moved to Vietnam, so yeah. I'm faint-hearted, so I can't watch scary stuff/gory stuff/supernatural stuff. I'm outgoing though, so I can make friends really easily. Will you be my friend? I've moderated forums, done a wiki on a different server and a lot of "cost saving" online stuff. I do low resolution imaging and recordings. I take decent photographs and screenshots. I'm single and I don't really need to have a love-life right now. So enough about me, i'm sure I have more in my head to say, but this is all off the top of my head. - IF you read all of this, you're awesome. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in-game. BAAAI!
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