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Found 6 results

  1. I need Someone who has knowledge for PANZER job This my Path i choice Warior >> Swordman >> Rune Knight > Panzer plis put your suggestion which one skill / pasive skill i have Choice and your explanation Thank you
  2. compare to another of panzer skill this RI not same range ... its too much sort can you give love for job panzer .. its not much just make all skill have same range attack Note : sory for bad english ... this not main langguage
  3. The title speaks for itself. Gun-type jobs look more interesting than they were 8 years ago (when the skills didn't even have an icon in some cases). But I think it still needs some fixes. They have very few skills and you only get few levels for those skills. You have a huge amount of SP left over that you can even focus on another weapon (and it even works better than musket) and that's not nice. Here are some specific suggestions: #1 Upgrade "Musket training" for both gun-type jobs. Its max level is 5, which makes these jobs useless compared to others. I think this one is the most important suggestion I can do. #2 Pistol Range and Telescopic Musket Scope (Sniper Skills) doesn't work in this moment, it are supposed to increase the range. If it can't be fixed easily, they could be modified to give accuracy (for example). Also, max level for pistol range is 2. #3 Proximity Fire(Sniper): This skill works properly. But It has a long range for a skill called "proximity fire". Something similar happens with "Musket Proximity" (Panzer) #4 Fast Reload: Sniper gets this skill lvl 4 , but it doesn't work(it's for bow) and Sniper has no bow skills. It could be replaced with "Reloading"(from Panzer, that seems it doesn't work either) #5 Musket Blast(Panzer): I think it works well, but the casting animation is bugged/ it's very weird #6 Musket Accuracy: It works properly but it has only 3 lvls #7 Bleeding Blow: Why is this here? Panzer gets 25 levels of this skill but can't use it, it's for two-handed weapons. I don't want to suggest fix that problem, I suggest replacing those 25 lvls with 25 lvls of Body Check (No-weapon skill and fits with the panzer's concept) #8 Kneeling Shot/Fire(both jobs): It works properly. It's supposed to be a shot to the feet, so why not make it reduce ms? (This is just to "spice up" the skill) Just as you once improved the Crusader job, it would be great to do it also for Muskets, they are jobs with a lot of potential in this game. I could suggest new specific skills, but that depends on you. Please check these suggestions. And sorry if my english may not be clear ^ ~ ^
  4. Path Warrior > Mercenary > Gladiator > Panzer Just took full damage path because idk what to take. you should take what path you want. Stat : Full Dex
  5. can we give a free reset skill to sniper and panzer too?, as crusader with its free reset skill. as we know, there is no gun or gun skill for leveling up to 105,so after reaching panzer or snipper we have much useless skill that cost much sp note:sorry for my bad english, i hope my suggestion will be accepted.
  6. Well I just thought about gathering this under-loved Musket wielding jobs together and put all of their existing issues into one basket for future reference. Hope it helps for when the bugs get fixed :) Panzer: 1. Still not sure if this is bug or not but Panzer's range is much shorter than Sniper. 2. No Musket skill icons, the closest thing to an icon is a flower picture used for Panzer's Iron Night. This includes all Musket Passives. 3. Musket Training > No damage increase. This hurts Panzer's damage output by a lot. Sniper: 1. Musket Range > Or Pistol Range doesn't actually increase attack range. 2. Musket Training > Like Panzer, Sniper's Musket Training does not increase attack damage, though Sniper doesn't suffer as much as Panzer does because of higher critical rate. 3. No Musket Skill icons: Same with Panzer none of Sniper's Musket skills have proper icons. 4. Telescopic Musket Scope > Range increasing buff, but once again it does not affect Sniper's attack range. 5. Fast Reload > While it was provided to help with Sniper's casting speed it can only be cast when the Sniper is holding a bow instead of Musket. If there are other bugs my apologies for not including them. My Guides on Sniper and Panzer include the actual icons, I wonder if that helps?
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