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Found 8 results

  1. I Couldn't find any information on this being suggested so if i missed it I apologize, that being said: Would be pretty cool to see a few more in-game pets for funsies. Either as drops or Gem store, being able to have a mini version of your favorite bosses would be pretty fun, my favorite Evil Golem for example. You out level him pretty quickly but being able to have a mini version follow me around on my adventures would bring endless joy. Certainly others would feel the same about a boss or two. Even some of the regular in-game monsters (looking at you geckos!) are super adorable and would make great pets.
  2. Looking to buy some pets: Dragonling pets -Blue Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b -Red Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b -Green Dragonkin (enchanted gacha) -400b -Purple Dragonkin (halloween gacha) -800b Golem pets -Cursed Golem (lv90 distorted crack) -75b Other pets -Moon cat from mega fun gacha (sry forgot its exact name and cant find gacha contents post)- 300b If you happen to be selling any you can contact me in a variety of ways, and I will update this page with any that have already been bought. Discord (fastest response): Darth Payne#7794 In-game Note: DarthAniku Reply here to the forum post or PM, I check often but not quite as often as the other two
  3. S > Lava Golem Egg Comment your best price.. Thanks Nick : KingArtix
  4. I want to ask why pet always suddenly disappear? can someone tell me to fix it? i need pet for heal..
  5. I'd to kill a lot of enemys, but I've never got the egg. I know the egg drop rate were 1%, and then how many I should kill the enemy to get some egg? 100 kill to get one egg? please help with some suggestion, thank you ^^
  6. I would like to ask regarding the [EVENT] Toy Snake or Toy Soldier, do they have any special skills / abilities? How are they differ from the pets that can be bought at NPC? is these quest worth finishing? as Enchanted wood costs 50m, multiplied by 50 pcs will be a total of 2.5b.
  7. Hi, My Pet level is at 78 and I'm at Level 77, but when I kill monsters within my level (white or green names) the pet do not get exp. Is it time to evolve?
  8. I just wanna ask if some pet skills are bugged. I used attract circle for my pet and its not working. Is it bugged or what? Can anyone tell me some bugged skills too.
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