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Found 1 result

  1. Hi to all, This post is about being the most powerful among everybody. Probably not only here at Celestia Luna but also in other online games out there. I am wondering what it feels like to be on top. Wondering what kind of life or impact does being on top do to a person's life. Here I list some questions that I would like to hear from everyone. I've already reach 105 for entrapper/farmer and felt still unsatisfied. I've seen other players killing Nera Harbor mobs with just a single hit but I can't see that far if they still have other goals in the game. To get rich to be more powerful among everyone or simply having fun, but this fun requires lot of a person's time. Correct me if I'm wrong but do those powerful players still has a balance life? I mean real life. This topic could be banned or something because it touches the reality of gaming but help me find a way to see if online gaming itself really does makes sense in real life. Here are the question: 1. How long have you been playing? 2. What is your highest level in Celestia Luna? 3. If you've reach the top, how does if feels like? 4. Does gaming adds value to your life? What are those? 5. What are the reasons you keep on playing? 6. If this is just for fun, does your real life don't have any fun in it that leads you to looking for fun in a digital world? 7. Does gaming really makes sense? 8. If you will be given a chance to Reset all the time that you've spent playing? Would you use it or not? Why? 9. What is your main purpose and goal in playing this game? If it's okay for you please reply by answering these questions and you could still add up your conclusions and explanations. The purpose of topic is to help those players losing their hope in playing and just wanted to quit. Thanks!
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