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Found 1 result

  1. As the title says, this question doesn't imply if the skill works, because IT DOES work, the question is, its mechanics. Okay, here it goes: Corpse Take (the icon with the Attract or Mana Vampirism, not the Blazing Body or Fire Blast one, that one looks bugged) applies a unlimited(?) duration buff that heals (which means will grow higher with higher m.atk) anyone who kills an afflicted mob/player with the buff. It's easily noticeable that the mob/s are afflicted with the buff because they have a very visible eye candy/ special effect. Interesting fact is that it's AoE is large, closely similar to Venom Cloud. The usual AoE combo for Necromancers is Corpse Take > Blizzard/Fire Blast > Venom Cloud > and the usual finisher is Vital Explosion (because it deals the highest AoE damage for Necromancers, even at lvl 1, provided the Necromancer has high stats). Immediately you'll notice that when mobs die (afflicted with the buff, of course) you get healed yourself, it's the buff 's effect. Now the question is: Does the heal stack with simultaneous/ multiple kills at the same time? because I've definitely notice that even though Vital Explosion can kill 2~3 low-life mobs instantaneously, I only get healed ONCE. Thanks to anyone who would answer and possibly, elaborate it.
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