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Found 8 results

  1. Bitcoins

    Date Dungeon

    Anyone know the required pDef and eva in DD? Thanks :)
  2. nightooo

    Solo DD?

    Is it possible to play a dating dungeon solo? Or does that mean create and play 2 characters on one computer? And if it's possible to somehow play them alone, how?
  3. Mae

    question about DD

    is it against the rules to use two of my characters in dungeon dating?
  4. i completely get annoyed by people who keep spamming DD request, i hope there is a block option to stop DD request spam.
  5. How would one change the age on their DD card after their birthday? Is that possible, or would we be stuck with that age forever?
  6. hi there let's keep it short: why the mobs acting passive in the 81-100 DD?? they're always acting like stupid; can't decide whether to atttack or not to attack, just walking forward and backward and it's frustating, it's very hard to gather 'em.. i know it is very rude to ask you guys to fix this, as if you guys don't have enough things to do, but, as DD has such important role in luna, i humbly ask to at least take a notice on this issue.. best regards to the celestia luna team, lovelyfresco ps: here's the screenshots
  7. I didn't find anything relevant to this suggestion posted already so I'll write it myself. Okay so I've been leveling my rogue and I must say it is REALLY annoying in 81-100 DD when only 4 monsters will aggro on you at once. I suggest this be removed but only in DD, not outside in other maps. This way all classes can have the same experience, and not fighters having it easier because of their attract circle which rogues and mages don't have. For rogues it's the worst because the only AoE's they have are targeted ones, unlike some mage classes and most fighter classes. Thanks and I hope this goes into consideration.
  8. This time is 12 a.m but my DD isn't RESET.. Please Help Me..
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