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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everybody!!! :3 my name is kanni or Ren ! Ive been around since luna online was a baby :) but i wanted to stop in and introduce myself on the forum ! Im going to start some new (in depth ) guides and such ! Hopefully you guys can check them out and maybe even teach me a thing or two !!! ^__^ On a side note if anyone knows Damius or Dammi please message me dammi was my best friend and i miss him dearly !!! Anyways Hello friends !! Have fun!!! See you around!
  2. Yo. Im so confused... I use to play Luna online back when it was a Gpotato game. Played it at liest 13 hours a day... Prolly an unhealthy opsession.. But I had got in a fight with my friend. and got a job, moved and alot of Real life issues that shan't be named here. What in the world happend? Im downloading this game now. hoping i's the same luna online i played so long ago. back when id stay up countless nights Doing servays for Free gpotato... i came back to play luna, but it turned into luna plus... and It was competly missing. Gpotato had deleted it?! Im more then sure all my hard work from the "old life" is gone... I miss playing luna. im still confused to why they would trash a good game. So much potential. is this still the same luna? or is it a cheap knock off to keep the game alive? (no offence, as i said i AM still downloading it) I just havent played in such a long time... and just wana play again... Oh sorry im suposed to introduce my self. Im javon1193. Im more then sure when i start ill be a lvl 1 human male. I use to have a Luna gf, but. well Gpotato trashed the game. so i lost everything. So take good care of me, dear friends. im a friendly person, a lil antisocial, as i do hang out i dont talk much. most my friends on gpotato luna were a deferent laungrege, i dident understand waht they said, but still chilled with them non-the-less, i dont normaly talk unless provked or asked a question. so please dont feel offended if im silent or anything. I only speak english, However im an otaku, wierd huh? Please be nice to me, and i look faward to any chances we will meet in game. PS. Sorry for the long Pointless Topic.
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