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Found 1 result

  1. (Read This First!) So, this is my favorate of all, magnus elf axe, axe is very fatal in magnus elf than sword, because axe has more critical skills like axe morality than swords, so i suggest to use axe. So before we start the skills guides, i just want you guys to now that magnus elf 2h axe is very lethal, especially if ur going to an magnus elf 2h axe DAMAGE TYPE! In order to have massive damage, your stats should be in a DEX stats, but you are required to use VIT stats in lvl 1-120, why? because if you want to lvl up in ease, you should tank up! So lets start in lvl guides! ~Follow the Skills in Order~ Warrior Skills (Alker Harbor At Wiff) Windy Slash: 5/10 Strike Attack: 10/10 Fighter's Heart: 2/2 Nature's Shield: 2/2 Enhance HP: 5/5 Risk Taker: 2/2 Warrior Form: 2/2 One Handed Training: 10/10 Axe Training: 5/10 Axe Mortality: 5/10 Infantryman Skills(Alker Harbor At Wiff) Windy Slash: 10/10 Double Strike(Strike Attack Upgrade): 5/5 Blunt Shield: 10/15 Bloody Sky: 5/5 Attract: 1/10 Attract Circle: 10/15 Enhance HP: 15/15 One Handed Training: 10/10 Axe Training: 10/10 Axe Mortality: 10/10 Blessing Guard: 4/4 Nature's Mind: 1/1 Blood Leak: 4/4 Magic Barrier: 5/5 Troopership(Bugged. Works even if you're not in a party): 2/2 Heavy Armor Expertise:10/10 Shield Training: 10/10 Knight Skills (Red Orc Outpost At Heromech) Double Strike(Strike Attack Upgrade): 10/10 Blunt Shield: 15/20 Sonic Boom: 15/20 Bloody Sky: 5/5 Sword Storm: 10/15 Doom Burst: 5/10 Solid Shield: 1/1 Solid Weapon: 2/2 Blessing Guard: 5/5 Armor Synchro: 1/1 Weapon Synchro: 1/1 One Handed Training: 15/15 Axe Training: 15/15 Axe Mortality: 20/20 Nature's Mind: 2/2 Magic Barrier: 10/10 Heavy Armor Expertise:15/15 Divine Justice: 1/1 ~Remember to reskill at level 105 and restat to DEX at 120 to gain critical damage! You can max all these skill at level 124, so use your SP wisely, and common sense in taking skills, i suggest to prioritize leveling skills, not dueling skills. Magnus Skills(Nera Castle At Cindamook) Fighter's Heart: 3/3 Sonic Boom: 20/25 (Start to upgrade this in every level to the max level) Double Sonic Blast: 3/3 Rune Impact: 20/20 Shield Aura: 3/3 Rampage Aura: 3/3 Accuracy Aura: 3/3 Burning Crash: 20/20 Sword Storm: 15/15 (For level purposes) Earthquake: 20/20 (For level purposes) Wheelwind: 5/5(For level purposes) Attract Circle: 1/15 (just keep this skill to level 1 ONLY!) Solid Weapon: 2/2 Warrior Form: 2/2 Armor synchro: 1/1 Weapon synchro: 1/1 Solid Shield: 1/1 Protection Aura: 1/1 Two-Handed Training: 20/20 Axe Training 15/15 Risk Taker: 2/2 Heavy Armor Expertise: 15/15 So the Combo of this guide is very simple: Rune Impact> Sonic Boom> Burning Crash>Double Sonic Blast! For Leveling combo here it is: Earthquake>SwordStorm>Wheelwind ~So which is better? Destroyer or Magnus Elf (2h axe) damage type? I suggest Magnus Elf (2h axe) Damage type, because i wars, destroyers has 15m Sonic Boom while Magnus has 18m, So it depends how far the skills are. So there you go, Magnus Elf (2h axe) Damage type guide! I hope you enjoy! :D
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