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Found 4 results

  1. Selling: • BWS pdef • Hathor VIT 29.1 & 31.5 • L.cape 18.7 vit • +13 V.set 55 vit [total] • V.neck 28.4 vit • VDS 49 MS • Hathor strike 23.3 eva 5.5 Buying: • Gray scarf • HB Neck str agi 38+ • Kisper str agi 38+ Whisper or note: crOnElEss / Kuye
  2. actually i've read about this somewhere, but unfortunately i couldn't find the thread... i did use the search feature, and i explore assistance-question section and also its sub forum answered section.. but still, i couldn't find the thread... i'm only finding my own self lost at it @[email protected] the thread i'm looking is about how to recognize (generally) legal/illegal items such as sealed items with duration (on top / on bottom) and the color and some items are permanent eventho there are xxx days stated rite after their name and bla bla bla i don't really get it, so, will there someone kind enough to make a guide about this? oh yea and because the things that stated on here (http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/forum-15/announcement-4-legal-and-illegal-items/) aren't clear enough for me~ thank you
  3. It was bothering me for sometimes Do anyone know what is the different betwen red, blue, green, and white names items? espescially for armor in reinforce, philo, and enchant. Is there any different in stat get? how much is the percentage added stats or raising stats for the enchant for each colour names? It will help us a lot for choosing items needed because i havent seen any guide here which thinking about recommending using something based on colour names. (for example comparing HB and H.Armor set, they are far different for the end of stats value, or maybe even the chival will have bigger stats at the end) Thank you before
  4. Hello! I was wondering how in the world do you get these? I'm lvl 38 elf voyager and I see people wearing glasses, hats, glowing weapons, and wings when they're even lower than my lvl. Are there quests that I have to do to recieve these? Do I have to buy points like how other games would do to recieve items like these? I was just curious... or rather, a bit jealous...:3 Thanks :)
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