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Found 1 result

  1. ~ ~ ~ ~ Introduction ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hello Alphabetians! Alphabets is a new guild created on May 5, 2016. Alphabets only intended for people who are friendly, active, and crazy. Alphabets always open to anyone (low - high level), don't afraid to join our Guild ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Lv : 4 Guild Master : Timothee | (Profile) GM's Assistant : iMapple | (Profile) Location : Alker Harbor (Ch 1) Union Name : SleepyHeads Union Member : Alphabets, SleepingKnight, Presentt Social Media Group : Facebook & LINE Messenger Guild Mark : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GM : Timothee (Tim) VPs : Eifan, iMapple (Dirga), Misteltein (Vania) SleepingKnight (Dudi) Elders : Reinzard(Mike), LittleAssassinn (Yudi), SetoKousuke (Putra), Kiyorin (Novi), PureWhiteGrace (Rausyan), CaptRuck (Rizal) Members from The Dark Ages Timothee, Eifan, iMapple, Hellosays, SleepingKnight, Reinzard, LittleAssassinn, SetoKousuke, Kiyorin, PureWhiteGrace Hellocute, Hellovoice, Latfite, TopID, Kherlin, Kiyonne, fafavin, Gelonteng, cyantum, Bardtkopz, MrGrunger DebbyOktavia, Cianante, Creps, SeneradeHandOnez, PuppyCaty, lxresistenciaxl ThEon3, LcoZen, KazamaKirito, boruto123, boruto12, iNephthys, Alfazema, llHamaslJslFoll 7thFarmz, funtasy, Puutz, CindyYuuvia, xfuntasy, MrOcean (Budi Ganteng) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Active Fun Friendly Loyal Kind Obey the rules of the guild ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No War (We're never declare a War) No Begging (Hard-working is one of the main purpose of this game) No Cheat (Never use any Cheat) No Badmouth (Becareful with ur Mouth) No Breaking Game Rules No Enemy (Never make an Enemy from another guild) *Breaking guild's rules will be kicked out from guild* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Level (Made for all~) All Regions (Most of our guild members are Indonesian) Must be Kind (Read the member & guild rules above) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Status : Since our guild still lv4, we only can gather 35 members only. So we are really sorry if u want to join Alphabets but we said "Full" But u guys still can join our Union Guild (SleepingKnights or Presentt), maybe they have empty slot in their guild Because our relationship is more than "friend" We're FAMILY We connected each other, we fun, happy and feel sadness together Just ask one of our member especially our VPs and Elders and he/she will invite u guys! .~*~. And remember we have Facebook and LINE Messenger group guys ! Keep Connected Each Other ! Note : More active in LINE Messenger than in game ~ For more info contact me in game ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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