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Found 4 results

  1. May i know why i got kicked out and banned from the discord channel? can i rejoin the discord channel for the second time? this is my discord account Ronal#1148
  2. sabrinandrian

    Banned ID

    hello, I want to ask question about banned ID. If someone to report me, can my Id be banned when I'm playing it? or it usually get banned when I don't play it, and when I want to play it, it cant be opened? ​because someone false report me, he accused me of something I didn't do (but he has pretty convincing screenshot, but didn't happen that way he's describing, but I'm afraid GM will take it seriously) thank you.
  3. March 03, 2015 A Pleasant Afternoon, Celestia Luna Staffs and Gm’s First of all Thank You For The Time For Reading This. And I would like to go on the subject on this matter. My account : azukaliden09 was banned for atleast 3 years if I could count it.. I don’t understand why I banned for the last 3 years so I quit playing luna online. And you don’t give me the chance to clean up my name.. So if you would please, can I retrieve my banned account ? If I did something wrong back then. Please contact me and I will, without a doubt will clean my name. Please reply to this matter. I am hoping for my account to be unbanned from this game Hours, Days, Months, Year, playing luna is so much fun for me.. So please.. give me a 2nd chance to play.. Sincerely Yours. Azukaliden09 -DarkCry
  4. arnold10


    maaf nih bang, mau nanya solusi, char saya kena banned 360HH, tadi siang jam 9 pagi tadi, saya lagi levelin harbour terus DC, (Disconnect), pas relog ada notif char anda tidak bisa di buka sampai 360HH, 0M, apa kesalahan saya kaka? bantu tolong :(
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