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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! GoodEvening/Morning Gm's & Admin Esp. ORANGE <3 I Have Some Problem About Last Event Prize . Admin/Gm ORANGE Said My Prize Was PINK HEART GLASS . But The Real Is Its "PINK STAR GLASS" Sorry For This Problem Hope Someone Will Read This <3 Im NewComer Here <3 And I Would Like To Thanks Because This Items Will "HELP" Me So Much! More Power And Have Some Fun! Cheers! Some Screen Shot Are Here <3 #1 I Announced As A Winner . #2 I Equip That "PINK STAR GLASS" Thankyou! :* My IGN is ItzMeJOHN
  2. Well I just thought about gathering this under-loved Musket wielding jobs together and put all of their existing issues into one basket for future reference. Hope it helps for when the bugs get fixed :) Panzer: 1. Still not sure if this is bug or not but Panzer's range is much shorter than Sniper. 2. No Musket skill icons, the closest thing to an icon is a flower picture used for Panzer's Iron Night. This includes all Musket Passives. 3. Musket Training > No damage increase. This hurts Panzer's damage output by a lot. Sniper: 1. Musket Range > Or Pistol Range doesn't actually increase attack range. 2. Musket Training > Like Panzer, Sniper's Musket Training does not increase attack damage, though Sniper doesn't suffer as much as Panzer does because of higher critical rate. 3. No Musket Skill icons: Same with Panzer none of Sniper's Musket skills have proper icons. 4. Telescopic Musket Scope > Range increasing buff, but once again it does not affect Sniper's attack range. 5. Fast Reload > While it was provided to help with Sniper's casting speed it can only be cast when the Sniper is holding a bow instead of Musket. If there are other bugs my apologies for not including them. My Guides on Sniper and Panzer include the actual icons, I wonder if that helps?
  3. Regaia

    Bug DD

    This is my first time to having problem like this I have been dd-ing with lvl 77, in on 83 when we beat salamander, i cant go on only my date can it's like stuck on it whats wrong with that? :blink:
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