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Found 6 results

  1. Crimea

    Crimea Sell

    Sell Consumption Item 1. Exp 100% 1hrs [2pcs] 2. Exp 30% 5hrs [2pcs] 3. Remote Warehouse Access Perma Equip 1. H.Armor+12 (c)vit43 (r)vit35 (p)eva13.6 mix vit13.1 mixs tr6.2 2. Partisan +13 (r)crit99 (p)str17.9 3. G.Axe+12 (r)crit103 (p)str11.4 mix dex10.6 mix vit8.7 4. Aias+12 ACC Movement Speed 1. Flick (r)MP665 (p)ms40.7 2. Hathor (r)MP693 (p)ms39.2 3. Hathor (r)MP595 (p)ms38.9 4. Eternal Flame Ring [Belt] (p)ms49.9 5. Eternal Flame Ring [Belt] (p)ms25.4 Costume 1. Rabbit Beach Cap 2. Tourist's Vacation Fedora [Male] 3. Surfer Boy Flip Flop 4. Frankenstein 5. Hip-Hop Orange T-Shirt 6. Black Widow Scout's Suit Equip Accessoris 1. Snorkel allstat+2 2. Rose in Mouth 3. Yellow Butterfly Wings (p)clean 4. Stompy the Elephant Bag (p)crit68.5
  2. I have seen the red one, why not blue too? Is there any possibility this costume will appear in item mall?
  3. GM, can you make Blue Santa Costume Avilable on Gemstore ??? because my little brother want it really bad since he love that costume more than any other costume in game > < it suit my lil bro character perfectly... if you can please make it avilable on Gemstore :3 Regards Your Lovely Player since 2K14
  4. I want to sell my General's Costume(365days), but I can't tell what its price is, and I can't find it in the Gem Store to try to figure it out. Help?
  5. Hello, im looking for any answer How to not collect costume, like on Lizardman, The point is, i wanna drop Point of Sword, but its anoing when after kill 8 Lizardman's my inventory is full. So guys and girls, you got any idea how to not collect costume form mobs? Thank you for your help and attention.
  6. I want to suggest that the description displayed in the Item Shop for the costumes to be updated. Some costumes display the stat of each part of the costume but most of the costumes display just all the stat given by the whole set of costume, This is to help players choose which part of the costume to buy based on the stat they give.
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