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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, So I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet, let alone whether or not it was accepted/denied. I did look through the 10 pages of suggestions to try to find out, but there is a good chance I could have missed it, as I only skimmed through quickly at all the titles, however!.. A block feature: One of the most useful and amazing features most games have/should have/need to have. The ability to block those annoying gold begging players from whispering you, for all their comments to be a ghost to you on all forms of chats, whether it be general chat world chat, guild chat or union chats. Now, I realize there is an option that blocks incoming whispers from players not currently on your friends list. But this option is a hassle, as you turn it on to block annoying people then go to sell/buy something from someone on megaphone and forget that this option is still ticked. It also does not block regular messages from said player you want ghosted. An option like this would be perfect to add onto the already pre-existing friends list, right at the bottom before the "Write" and "Whisper" functions. "Blocked" which opens up a window with a "Block management" displaying a list of blocked players exactly like the friends list, with tick boxes next to the added players names, and "Add" and "Delete" options at the bottom. Another option would be to add "Blacklist" onto the actions skill page which would take you to the same block management page. And also adding to the little list of options that appear when you right click a players character is another viable option, which I would highly recommend. "Block player" I'm sure many players would agree with me on this suggestion. And if they don't, what is wrong with you?
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