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Found 2 results

  1. Crimea

    Crimea Sell

    Sell Consumption Item 1. Exp 100% 1hrs [2pcs] 2. Exp 30% 5hrs [2pcs] 3. Remote Warehouse Access Perma Equip 1. H.Armor+12 (c)vit43 (r)vit35 (p)eva13.6 mix vit13.1 mixs tr6.2 2. Partisan +13 (r)crit99 (p)str17.9 3. G.Axe+12 (r)crit103 (p)str11.4 mix dex10.6 mix vit8.7 4. Aias+12 ACC Movement Speed 1. Flick (r)MP665 (p)ms40.7 2. Hathor (r)MP693 (p)ms39.2 3. Hathor (r)MP595 (p)ms38.9 4. Eternal Flame Ring [Belt] (p)ms49.9 5. Eternal Flame Ring [Belt] (p)ms25.4 Costume 1. Rabbit Beach Cap 2. Tourist's Vacation Fedora [Male] 3. Surfer Boy Flip Flop 4. Frankenstein 5. Hip-Hop Orange T-Shirt 6. Black Widow Scout's Suit Equip Accessoris 1. Snorkel allstat+2 2. Rose in Mouth 3. Yellow Butterfly Wings (p)clean 4. Stompy the Elephant Bag (p)crit68.5
  2. I want to suggest how about "update" that window below the time at website, every the exp event/drop rate event is implemented. I realized now is exp event by hitting leopard and i see its 216 exp (normally its just 180 exp with the NPC 20% scroll). I know now the exp rate increased from 150x to 180x. And when i ask if my guildmate know about it, they didnt know. I think that box should be up to date, so player can know if there is exp event or not in the server. Thank you. *P.S. : i know there is news on the web that said : "exp event at new year", but i think not all player know about when the event start. I always spend time in the morning to see if that box update . And there is no one tell this info in forum too . **P.S. : when this exp event end? Is it just exp, or drop rate too?
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