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Found 7 results

  1. Fearax

    Newbie Here!

    Hi guys, newbie here, im already level 77 phalanx and im aiming for crusader as my final job. and im really new in the game and specially on items and drops on where can i farm sets/weapons/shields/accessories/belts/etc. And i read some in the forums that most rare 1 hand mace can only be get in lucky 77 box, can i craft 1 hand mace for my next weapon of choice or can i hunt them? where can i farm them? can i craft them? thanks for answering my questions in advance :)
  2. Hi all, Just a friendly hi from a new player, any advice is very welcome, I've played a few mmo's in my time, Rose Online, WoW, Fiesta, and a host of many other P servers, just transferred from Luna Online Reborn, the server was empty and what put me off the most was the client looked dated and looked as if it was still being heavily worked on, I've worked on P servers before inc. hosting my own so I know a bit about C++, PhP, HTML, SQL, but all I want to do now is find a game to play and chill between looking after the kids :) Hope to see you ingame -SF
  3. Maaf ikut numpang ngepost ;) hehehe | Yu (Khususnya bagi para pemain baru. Tapi kalo ada yang udah sakti trus minat juga boleh XD) join kita di "Syllables" , kita mau buat guild jadi tempat nongkrong kalau tidak ada kerjaan. Kita hunting bareng, dating dungeon bareng, have fun (pvp,gvg,dsb) bareng. Syllables Guild lv : 1 (Guild baru | 19 April 2017) Requirements : -Any level allowed -Indonesian -Active -Loyal Bagi yang tertarik dapat comment di bawah/note/whisper nick : GeSamudra [T]ogether [E]veryone [A]chieves [M]ore
  4. i have read many guides about classes etc i enjoy reading it and it's really helpful tho. IGN:ChloeMartinez Class: im still thinking :lol:
  5. :D Hi everyone,im new to this forum
  6. Hi I am new to the server and I have some questions I'm new to the server and I was trying to find bosses(salam,fairy queen,etc) but couldn't find any is there a specific channel/place that the bosses spawn?(i didnt look in every server, and it was too hard to look in every single spawn spot) and also how long does it take a dead boss to respawn? thank you~~
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