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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys, after i click CL shortcut in dekstop, it said "Patcher has stopped working". i already try to repair my netframework, and still no progress.. can you guys help me? Thanks !!
  2. Why in some moments playing the game when i press the buttons from shortcuts of potions doesnt work and looks like the game is freezed?
  3. Hello everyone! I downloaded this game last night and installed it just fine, but when I went to play it it just disappeared after the launch. A friend hit me up for a game of LoL, so I stopped trying and didn't think anything of it. I've been trying again all morning, trying various solutions to no avail. Here is a list of everything important: 1: I'm running Windows 7 64bit 2: I'm running Avast Internet Security 3: I set the launcher to always run as Administrator 4: When that failed, I added exclusions to the entire Luna folder to my Firewall, Sandbox, and included network instructions within the firewall. 5: When that did nothing, I disabled all of my shields. 6: When that also did nothing, I scanned the folder, which came up as perfectly clean. 7: When that failed, I uninstalled the program, disabled the firewalls, reinstalled and repeated all above steps. I can't add exclusions to a specific file name, only a file path. The client isn't registering as a Trojan as many have reported it to. My security is very sensitive and thinks it is fine, so it is therefore not running it in the Sandbox or terminating any files. It would tell me. I cannot completely shut off my antivirus, so disabling the firewalls are the only solution. On the other hand, this program isn't being blocked by it or my program would tell me immediately with horribly loud pings and a "Threat Has Been Detected" voice. And so you are aware of what is happening, I launch the program, the patch begins and completes successfully and the Start Game button appears. I click that, the patcher goes away like all MMO's, and then nothing appears again. No loading screen, no login, nothing. I'd appreciate some help with this, as I was really looking forward to playing. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide you.
  4. MINTA PATCH TERBARU DARI CELESTIA LUNA DONG GAN :D Koneksi modem soalnya gan, lama bgt klo buat auto patcher :(
  5. Hi GM's or anyone, Just want to know if there will be any update on the new patch of Luna? -Luna Plus? Just wondering though., Sorry for bothering if this question was already raised by other users. THanks,.
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