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Found 4 results

  1. Sabel

    Concentrated Jealousy

    Is it possible to get Concentrated Jealousy a second time? I was doing the Heart of the Girl quest but accidently abandoned it so I couldn't deliver the Evil Heart of Stone. I've been trying DD to get it again but it has not happened so far.
  2. Hi! So I'm returning to Luna Online after so many years and slowly relearning some stuff. There is one quest from the Bank Keeper in Alker Habor which I cannot seem to figure out. It involves constructing with time? I have to combine Cooled Heartstone of Evil with Bless of Time, then give the result to Hafreban. But I have no idea where to find or get these items. Could I ask for some guidance on how to complete this? Thank you!
  3. LeblancLN

    Quest Issue

    Hi, I was doing the quest as usual, then suddenly at Tarintus I got "You do not have the item for this quest" then when I open my quest window it is at 21/20. When I try to turn in quest it says you do not have room for new quest. So abandon some quest. But when I return to the NPC to get those quest again, they are gone. Does quest disappear when you level up?
  4. Khyryl


    Greetings, I abandone a couple of quests and now I have the key items for that particular quest but I cant seem to acquire the said quest anymore...? is it a bug?
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