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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I am coming again with a question. I just bought a belt ( Fierce Dragon Slayer ) in Gem Store. I just wonder, is it can be imbued with a philosopher's stone? Because I saw many people are selling it in Vending Booth with Option (stats) from philosopher;s stone. And then I tried to take a philosopher's stone from NPC near Alice. I double clicked the philosopher's stone and tried to drag the belt ( Fierce Dragon Slayer ) but it said 'The item can not be granted an option or is not for your level' . Is my belt can not be imbued like others? Or the others' belt is different from mine ( from crafting, drop item etc ) ? I need an explain if you would like to answer my question. Any answer is a big help for me. Thank you. See my attachment below (img ) 1st image is other people's belt that sold in Vending Machine. 2nd image is my belt. 3rd image is philosopher stone that I used.
  2. Welcome at my Graphic Art Studio. Here you can request for free graphic works. In my offer are: • Signatures • Avatars • Banners • Text Works • Photos Editing • Logos • Desings • Rendering • Buttons If you want request please follow this format: Size: ....x.... Photo: ....... Text: .......... Text 1: ......(optional) Rules: 1. One person can order three times per week. 2. Hiding my logo on works is forbidden. 3. I have three days to finish your request. Enjoy and feel free to request! ~Edit #1~ If you request about signature with character from game (screenshot image) here are some details about it: 1. No Skill Effects (can't reneder them) 2. Try to choose background which is not same as your costume/set/weapon. Example: It's not so important but make my work easier :) 3. Don't use head itmes which are covered with your nick. Durring rendering i will have to cut it and part of it will just look ugly. Ty so much (/*3*)~
  3. Help i used to be able to buy things with real money can i still? like id go to a store and buy this card and then go to luna website and buy stuff can i i still do that is so how?
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