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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm curious and I want to know all skills that don't need weapons to be used, I haven't tried all Jobs but I know few, what are those other skills and what job(s) has/have them? HOLY STRIKE -Infantryman, Phalanx, Crusader HOLY AVENGER -Infantryman, Phalanx, Crusader HOLY EARTHQUAKE -Crusader(not sure if SA's HE works w/ other weapons or w/o weapons RUNE IMPACT -Rune Knight, Magnus BLAZING BODY -Mercenary, Gladiator, Destroyer BODY CHECK -Mercenary, Gladiator, Destroyer
  2. The title speaks for itself. Gun-type jobs look more interesting than they were 8 years ago (when the skills didn't even have an icon in some cases). But I think it still needs some fixes. They have very few skills and you only get few levels for those skills. You have a huge amount of SP left over that you can even focus on another weapon (and it even works better than musket) and that's not nice. Here are some specific suggestions: #1 Upgrade "Musket training" for both gun-type jobs. Its max level is 5, which makes these jobs useless compared to others. I think this one is the most important suggestion I can do. #2 Pistol Range and Telescopic Musket Scope (Sniper Skills) doesn't work in this moment, it are supposed to increase the range. If it can't be fixed easily, they could be modified to give accuracy (for example). Also, max level for pistol range is 2. #3 Proximity Fire(Sniper): This skill works properly. But It has a long range for a skill called "proximity fire". Something similar happens with "Musket Proximity" (Panzer) #4 Fast Reload: Sniper gets this skill lvl 4 , but it doesn't work(it's for bow) and Sniper has no bow skills. It could be replaced with "Reloading"(from Panzer, that seems it doesn't work either) #5 Musket Blast(Panzer): I think it works well, but the casting animation is bugged/ it's very weird #6 Musket Accuracy: It works properly but it has only 3 lvls #7 Bleeding Blow: Why is this here? Panzer gets 25 levels of this skill but can't use it, it's for two-handed weapons. I don't want to suggest fix that problem, I suggest replacing those 25 lvls with 25 lvls of Body Check (No-weapon skill and fits with the panzer's concept) #8 Kneeling Shot/Fire(both jobs): It works properly. It's supposed to be a shot to the feet, so why not make it reduce ms? (This is just to "spice up" the skill) Just as you once improved the Crusader job, it would be great to do it also for Muskets, they are jobs with a lot of potential in this game. I could suggest new specific skills, but that depends on you. Please check these suggestions. And sorry if my english may not be clear ^ ~ ^
  3. I'd like to start off by saying I didn't think I would be interested in this game. Having tried the Subagames "Reborn" version[let me know if we don't talk about that mess here lol] It left a bad taste in my mouth regarding the grind involved to simply try all the different classes. This version of Luna is superior in every way...(minus the whole built in bot thing). Having said that, I do have some things that I have found to be worthy of improving upon. First of all being the forum activity. I almost didn't even download and try this game because of the lack of recent forum activity. I'm glad I did--in game has a healthy population--few large guilds, definitely some people to play with. What I would like to see is more forum activity, perhaps some stimulated by contests for screenshots, guide creation, story writing, something to get people onto the forum keeping it active..again because we seem to have the population in game to support an active forum too...but nobody seems to enjoy coming here to post((Everyone watches that entrapper farming guide, they go to Nera Harbor and we never see them leave game again)) While leveling I found that certain areas of the game have abundant farming spots, where you can quickly go from one group of enemies to the next AoE farming. Then you get to places like Fairy Valley and Kierras Lair and monsters are very spread out...some aren't even aggressive.(Looking at you Pegasus). I would love to see increased spawn amount of enemies in these maps, perhaps even on some earlier maps I haven't mentioned and later maps I haven't made it to yet. I only say this because those crowded level spots eventually push you out because of the lvl 15 range for exp, and exp to level becomes higher and higher(naturally) but maps become more sparsely populated. Nera Harbor of course is very crowded, but it takes some grinding to get good enough to start farming there. While leveling bosses have some pretty cool drops, but the early levels go by so quickly. Why not reintroduce these monsters with the same drops, but at higher levels in some sort of event? I know id like a copy of those fancy red weapons for alts in the future((or just to have and look at in a bank tab,haha)) Would also be nice to see something along the lines of 'elite' monster spawns with increased exp/difficulty/loot. My first character I built with an idea in mind. A Cleric type mage that goes down the path of Necromancy. The skill Holy Spike sounded EXCELENT. It was my first chance at an AoE in my class path(Cleric-Monk-Inquirer). Right now I have this character sitting at lvl 80 with an AoE skill that doesn't cause area damage.....any chance of a fix for this? Also I can't prove it, but It feels like Stealth is somehow causing a disconnect from the game(complete client closure) when I use it for extended periods. Ive noticed the game doesn't seem to have an persistent events, something like a time of day or week where players come together to complete something. I feel I'm still kinda new to the game to be suggesting things....but here I am thinking why not have some kind of special reward (like high exp) on PvP enabled maps? And have the PvP turn on and off at certain times? Give the map special 'target' monsters that players fight one another to get the chance to kill. I know this is a large wall of text and I haven't been around long but Id like to stick around and felt it would be good to voice my opinions and concerns.(I'm sure more are coming) tl:dr Awesome server, spawn # would be nice going up, need more events, some skills are broken or have incorrect tooltip
  4. I want to ask about foil skill... I already max the skills at lv 4 ... the problem is, I feel like foil don't have any effect on an enemy... I tried to foil my friend (archranger) in duel, for more than 10 times and she still manage to use skill on me... why is that?? foil can last for 9 sec... but... it's seems like only can last for 3sec... 9sec inside game is different from real world time? another question, at rules sections... player do not allowed to use foil before duel... why is that?? even without duel the foil skill still can hit the enemy?
  5. Ryuukai

    Paladin skills?

    Can anyone list them? Or link me to a guide that have them all?
  6. So, I've been looking around but so far I haven't been able to find out if Phalanx or Paladins have Doom Burst, the shield AoE attack. I mainly need it to make my Bloody Sky>Doom Burst>Sword Storm combo to take down a bunch of mobs. Also, may anyone list all the Paladin's skills? Alsooo, which have Higher Def/Block rate and why? Warrior->Swordman->Phalanx->Magnus Warrior->Swordman->Knight->Paladin
  7. Forumer

    Blade Taker

    GM please fix all Blade Taker's Active Skill :( thanks... :)
  8. Happy Christmas! So the title pretty much says it all. But I need to add in a few more details: I went through the warlock path (priest > warlock). I think I am prioritizing aoes FOR NOW. But I plan to reskill and decide that SA is the best path for me :D (I've tried Necro, and Cardi, SA is just the best for me. I don't know why.) So, not regarding the fact that I am prioritizing my aoes, can anyone give me some PvP combos?
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