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Mr. Fabulous Magic Paladin Guide

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Welcome to My Magic Paladin Guide!

This is a Pure Path!

And I highly Recommend that you have a Mage lvl 106 or higher to Buff This Character.

Now I'll Warn you Leveling is going to be a Pain in the Butt. But when you reach lvl 105 your going to Enjoy it.

Don't know how many of you will like this class but I find it Fun To Confuse My Opponents in a Duel. Because you look like a mage with all your Equiptment on, and then you Stun them with Blunt Shield and they don't know what is going on haha!

Stun locking is Pretty easy just time out your skills According to your stun time!

I Wanted to Utilize the Block Rate of this Path along with the Stun! You Have a 98% Block Rate at lvl 105 with this Path! And in case you didn't know the Block only Blocks against Non-Critical Hits! Still 98% is Pretty Epic!

Lets get Started! I suggest that you go Elf Considering that you will have no use for Burning Rage or Lash!

And Put All your Stat points to INT you are going to be Using Magic Attacks :)


Strike Attack lvl 5

Enhanced HP lvl 5

Nature's Shield lvl 1


Blunt Shield lvl 5

Strike Attack lvl 10

Blessing Guard lvl 2

Heavy Armor Expertise lvl 5

Shield Training lvl 5

Enhanced HP lvl 10

Nature's Shield lvl 2

This all Maxes out at lvl 36!

Infantryman "Now for your Bread and Butter Skills"

Holy Avenger lvl 15

Holy Strike lvl 10

Double Strike lvl 5

Blunt Shield lvl 15

Heavy Armor Expertise lvl 10

Shield Training lvl 10

Troopership lvl 2

Enhanced HP lvl 15

Blessing Guard lvl 4

Nature's Mind lvl 1

Solid Shield lvl 1

Heal lvl 5

Attract Circle lvl 1

This all Maxes out at lvl 67!


Holy Strike lvl 20

Holy Avenger lvl 20

Double Strike lvl 10

Blunt Shield lvl 20

Heavy Armor Expertise lvl 20

Shield Training lvl 15

Troopership lvl 4

Blessing Guard lvl 6

Nature's Mind lvl 2

Enhanced HP lvl 20

Solid Shield lvl 3

Heal lvl 10

This Maxes out at lvl 99!

*Note* I Prefer Using a 1h Wand. But if your going to use Athena go ahead and Learn the Skills Below!

Mace Training lvl 10

Mace Protection lvl 20

These skill Max out at lvl 105!


*Reskill* Because you will no Longer Need Double Strike It was Just here for some added Poison Damage!

Blunt Shield lvl 21

Holy Strike lvl 20

Holy Avenger lvl 20

Heavy Armor Expertise lvl 20

Shield Training lvl 20

Troopership lvl 5

Blessing Guard lvl 8

Enhanced HP lvl 25

Iron Shield lvl 2

Shield Barrier lvl 6

Nature's Shield lvl 3

Nature's Mind lvl 3

Solid Shield lvl 5

Attract Circle lvl 1

Saint Shackle lvl 1

Heal lvl 10

Get all these skills above and your Ready to Rock at Level 105! At Level 113 your Blunt Shield is maxxed and your Saint Shackle is maxxed! Go Ahead and Putt your Extra SP in Mace Protection! I Still Reccomend that you use Medussa Until your One Handed Training And Mace Training are maxxed out at level 127 then i would Switch to Athena. :) Why Switch? Because now you will get some damage when you hit with Blunt Shield and you will have the Added Defense of Mace Protection!

Recommended Gear As Follows

+12 Holy Iron Knight's Armor Vit or Int Crafted Vit Reinforced

+12 Holy Iron Knight's Gloves Int Reinforced

+12 Holy Iron Knight's Boots Vit Reinforced

+12 Medussa Int Philoed m attack reinforce

2 Gemini or Gemini & Castor +19 m attack Philo

2 Heart Stone of Evil +19 m attack Philo

Farouk's Crystall Ball +19 m attack Philo

Dragon Slayer : Spell Master +19 m Attack Philo

+12 Athena's Magic Hammer INT Philo m attack reinforce

+12 Knyee +INT Philo / Reinforce

+12 Aias Shield

Smart Worm

Oakley Int Glasses

Cloak of Heleenopolis +5% m attack

You Could also use BoW for more Crit!


Bachelor Hat of Glory-Perm

Wizard's Robe

Panda Gloves

Panda Boots

*Note Combo As Follows- Blunt Shield/ Saint Shackle/Holy Strike! Then just repeat Blunt Shield/ Holy Strike/ Holy Avenger-Repeat* Damage in Pvp and Duels isn't Great but Since you can Stun Lock your oponnent You Shouldn't have too much Trouble!

Well I hope you Have as Much Fun with this As I am Having! Good Luck and Have A Nice Day! :) Any Comments or Questions Are Appreciated and Welcome! :)

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Yeah the Magnus is nice! But I wanted to Actually utilize the Block Rate and the 7 second Stun of Blunt Shield! With just your Shield Training and lvl 5 Solid Shield that's 93% chance to Block a non Crit hit! That's not including Iron shield which gives you more of a chance to Block! And the 90% chance to stun at lvl 21 of Blunt Shield compared to the Rune Impact's 80% chance and less Stun Time! I have enough time once I cast Blunt Shield to Cast Holy Strike and Holy Avenger and still have time enough left to wait to cast Blunt Shield again! The Dual Wield Int Magnus has more Damage But I found it to be Mediocre in pvp compared to the Paladin! More Defense, and more HP as well considering that it's not Dual Wield. :) But thanks for the Comment :) Everyone has their Preference! :)

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Just found out How much Block % Iron Shield Gives. 5% So with Shield Training lvl 20 at 53%, Sold Shield lvl 5 at 40%, and Iron Shield's lvl 2 at 5% that's a Block Rate of 98%! Pretty good if you ask me! 98% chance to Block a Non-Crit hit= Epic!

Updated Guide to include this!

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Why not use CB set? CB add some block rate too ( if u plus with all your shield skill = 100% BLOCK RATE ) :wub:

And is it right after CB + Paladin's shield skill = 100% can archive always block? An Blunt Shield is physical atk skill. right? Is u need STRIKE so it will no miss to eva player? That's my question :wacko:

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rune knight doesnt have holy avanger or holy strike... phalanx get lvl 20 holy avanger and strike... even with lvl 20 those skill doesnt give much dmg... what can u kill with just lvl 10

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Miss to an eva Character? Umm I think Not! The only skill that will miss for Damage is Blunt Shield! But you'll still get the stun. This Path isn't made to have Strike Either! You don't need it since your using Magic Attacks as your main skills.

And yes HolyPower has the CB set on. :) So that gives me a 108% Block Rate. Hehe! If you don't have a good Crit Rate your a sitting duck. Taken out soo many Destro's with low Crit out Because they can't Break through my Block/Pdef!

And to Akai i wouldn't reccomend the guard-infantryman-rune knight-paladin path for a Magic Attack Paladin. You get only lvl 15 Holy Avenger and lvl 10 Holy Strike! Yeah you get Rune Impact with that path but It's based off your Patck and will have low damage!

And Thanks for The Comments and Questions!

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Guest ~Syn~

.... Taken out soo many Destro's with low Crit out Because they can't Break through my Block/Pdef!....

U mean you can defeat Destro who has "LOW CRIT", how about destro who have "GOOD CRIT" ? <_<

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Guest ~Syn~

Well to Be Honest high Crit Destroyers are so so......

U mean destro are amazing? :rolleyes: and the weakness of this guide are a player with a "high Crit"? :wacko:

Only wanna ask cuz wanna make a new char based on this guide [wanna make a elf girl paladin to become my destro's wife :P ]

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