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Items, Costumes, Wings, Oh My!

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Hello! I was wondering how in the world do you get these? I'm lvl 38 elf voyager and I see people wearing glasses, hats, glowing weapons, and wings when they're even lower than my lvl. Are there quests that I have to do to recieve these? Do I have to buy points like how other games would do to recieve items like these? I was just curious... or rather, a bit jealous...:3

Thanks :)

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Log into the Celestia home page: http://celestialuna.com/

Then go to the "Itemshop" menu. You will find everything there.

You can get Gold Points in the "Vote" menu but you must have at least 1 lvl 80 character or... Just buy them with real money :P

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Actually, there is a quest to get the wings. (the blue mage guy in alker harbor forget his name) I think.

You can get glasses by opening the crystals (time and protection)

And the glow on weapons all you have to do is buy enchant scrolls and protects from the merchant in alker harbor.

Enchant you weapon and there you go, glow.

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Yes that's right, the quest starts at lvl 24 with Farouk (Mage NPC).

The type of wings you will receive as reward will depend on the NPC you have chosen to complete the quest.

Piellanshar - Warehouse NPC


Boucheron - Armor NPC

Shark Rocket

Tierre - Rogue NPC

Small Black Angel Wings

Celerian - Family NPC

Small White Angel Wings

They are all lvl 25.

You can also get the VIP Pirate Cape (lvl 20 I think) with fishing points but last only 7 days.

After that, you will have to buy a new one <_<

Finally the last "free" back item are the "Angel Wings" (lvl 50).

Just craft them. You will spend about 1 or 1.5 millons in materials.


Buy enchant and protector scrolls in Tasartia (Merchant NPC, the blonde girl in red dress).

Increase your weapon and armor's power up to +7.

The weapons will slightly glow from +4 to +5 and will fully glow from +6.

Good Luck !!! ;)

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