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Zairul Reidwan R

Wrath of the Titans !

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Dear citizen of Celestia Luna,


As you may or may not yet noticed, we have raised our level limit in voting for gold points. We have changed it from 80 to 120. We need to take action on this because of the multi voting that has been spread all year long. Yeah you may feel like "what the fuck ?" "GM fuck you" and "how am I gonna get gold point now ? my farm ID is all 80 wtf" but we sincerely apologies for any inconveniences. Beside gold points doesn't support the server in any way at all and its more like our support to players of celestia that they actually can get items beside donating. 


If the good players getting impact from this, we are very sorry. Every cause has its consequences. We really don't like to lose faith from our good players but we need to do it in the end.


In case anyone of you doesn't understand this. You need to be level 120 to get gold points for vote. If your character is below 120, you can only vote but no gold points will be rewarded.



Best of luck to all of you and happy weekend.






~Celestia Luna staff

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