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Connecting to IRC from your browser



I decided to make this since I haven't seen one about it. Basically this is just a better version from my post at Indonesian subforum.


Ok, for those who are too lazy to download any IRC program, or any other reason, here we go. :P

First, visit this site > http://mibbit.com/ then click the Launch App or you can go directly here > http://chat.mibbit.com/

after that you will see this:



For those who haven't registered:

*for those who have registered nick, you can skip this section

1. Click Server and write irc.vel.lv there and also put your desired Nick, leave the Channel blank for now then click Connect



2. After that the new irc.vel.lv tab will appear. here you can register your nick


Note: if you get message from NickServ (The one blocked red), that means your nick already been registered (either by you or someone else). So if it yours, you can identify your nick or if it isn't, you can choose different nick by typing /nick <new desired nick>


3. To register your nick you can type /nickserv register <password> <email>


4. After that, check your inbox (or spam folder), you should get something like this: /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER <your nick> <verification code> from vellv Nickname Registration. Copy it then paste to IRC (the one at irc.vel.lv tab before). Congrats you have succesfully registered your nick.


5. Next thing to do is to identify yourself. Type /identify <your password>.


6. After you identified yourself you can join Celestia Luna Online IRC room by typing /j #lunaonline


7. Welcome to Celestia Luna Online IRC room!


For those who have registered:

1. Click Server and write irc.vel.lv there, write your Nick, click Auth and write you password there, and also write #lunaonline for the Channel then click Connect



2. Welcome to Celestia Luna Online IRC room!


Screenshot when using mibbit:


*credit to Komodo for this pic.



Thank you, and sorry if there is any mistake here :wub:

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