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elven crit soul arbiter

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race : elf

stat : full vit

job tree : wizard > priest > elemental master > soul arbiter


lv 1 > lv 20

mage :

offense & support skill :

heal max

fireball max

intelligence max

wisdom max

passive skill :

robe expertise ( highly recommended higher level . when became SA , u could reskill and re learn it with lower Lv )

spell barrier max

mana control ( optional )

enchaned mp ( optional )


lv 20 > lv 40

wizard :

offense , self buffs & support skill :

fireball max

wind spike max ( your only AOE . until SA , gets stun aoe than slowing aoe )

chill breeze max

intelligence max

wizardry max

bloodstream ( optional )

passive skill :

spell barrier max

spell craft max

mana control ( optional )

enchaned mp ( optional )

magic barrier max


lv 40 > lv 75

priest :

offense , self buffs & support skill :

fireball max

angelic breath ( from angelic touch )

divine sword max ( from divine strike )

chill breeze max

fast heal lv 1

great heal lv 1

divine hold max ( used to stop enemy chasing u )

holy barrier max ( used in emergency , such as near death state )

beholder lv 2 ( recommended to see Stealth )

divine curse max ( from divine judgement )

all buffs maxed ( bless wind are optional . u could needed to work fast )

passive skill :

enchaned HP ( recommended to increased chance of survive )

enchanced mp ( optional )

mana control ( optional )

spell barrier max

magic barrier max


lv 75 > 105

elemental master :

offense & support skill :

all buffs maxed ( when DD .rogue and fighter highly choose u due unique buffs )

passive skill :

robe expertise max ( it proves u fatal while DD . as it mentioned before , its highly recommended to maxed this )

enchaned HP minimal lv 13 ( due less offense and defense . so increase your durabily)

enchaned MP optional


remember : u need save some gold by hunting & from DD ( while DD . pegasus drops fairy wings that worth 40k gold , getting

24 fairy wings reaches 1 million ) to buy reskill or buy in itemshop if u have enough premium ( as gold are require lv 120 to vote )

105 :

soul arbiter :

offense , self buffs & support skill :

soul spear max ( debuff are bugged . when it done fixed , it could be dangerous to face it )

mana burn max ( unlike soul spear . its unbugged yet , less lethal but greatly shrink foe's max mp )

holy eartquake ( parallel skill of shield of justice . but it doesn't need to be targeted , it resemble an earthquake )

sneezing combo skills max ( holy swing , spike & uppercut . because the sound look like sneezing , sneeze it to ur enemy if u want to)

holy justice max ( lethal skill . the prices is large SP , parallel skill of turn undead , u can max this skill by unmax other skills or burn

your SP to zero)

traquility max ( your enemy will in worse nightmare while sleeping )

cripple ( restain and cripples your enemy , good to stop pursuiters )

fast heal & great heal remain lv 1

all buffs are maxed ( optional for blessing wind . if u want work faster or escape faster , use this )

passive skills :

spellcraft max

witchcraft max

robe expertise lv 10 ( or lower if u want higher light armor )

light armor expertise max


remember : elemental master critical buff help alot , poured with corrupt set in bowl and belt of wisdom ,

you can make your enemy like an omelette


items required for soul arbiter :

farouk HC & reinforced with HP

2 evil stones HCed

gemini & castor HCed

1 set gardener ( body must be vit , glove must be int and shoes is int/vit )

1 set corrupt ( any part either vit / int )

medusa +12 philo int

hellenpolis amuleted 4% M.A ( its possible for 5% . but its rare )

DS spell HCed or belt of wisdom HCed

altair's bow ( served as cold dish than a weapon . its used for buffs melee party , i dunno this rogue's buff affect mage .

but i feel one of templar master's party buffs affect my critical chance )


costume :

wizard robe / other with effect of  15% HP , MP & speed / 700+ HP costume

shinigami gloves ( wrong named shinigami hibakama pants . as pants aready wore alongside the robe )

angel headband ( mage variant ) / bachelor hat ( mage variant ) / skelly mask

angry lizard ( mage variant ) 

glasses of cold

still your choice if u want other than these costume


i've also record various things in my codex . i've also written it in my facebook's note


luna trivia :

~oddly enough , BW mage has elven male's death sound served as pain sound , while nera counterpart has human pain sound

~despite fact wand has magical power , it wielded look like mace but it has sword sound when swing it . even

the wand does not have properties to sword

~like wand , pump up pumkin also wielded look like mace and having sword sound . despite designed to be not stabbing or

thrusting , player still seen stabbing it

~its unknown why first develover of luna design bow with magic arrow than arrow . presumably unlimited use ,

same happening to muskets which had infinite gunpowders . even player does not carrying pouches of gunpowders

~rune impact are best elven skills , as they never miss . its very effective to hit rogue , despite its an melee attack .

pet skill of rune impact also 100% accurate

~despite fact templar master uses dagger and bow . the skill description stated the new skill uses sword

~its possible to kill tarintus and kierra alone . as they are strongest and durable boss ( tarintus is strongest . kierra is second )

~BW sniper had slime pain sound despite he is human , while nera counterpart are has human pain sound

~strangely enough , luna does not feature crossbow ( one handed bow ) and polearms ( two handed long weapons ) .

also despite halberd is a type of polearms , its been considered an axe

~if player dual wield 2 weapon with 1 set effect , even its highlighted . it won't give effect , more likely prevent extra effect

~regardless , how powerful enemy are ( unless their Lv are quite big than player ) . musket and bow can greatly harm them ( for musket , they presumably use better gunpowder . for bow , they sharpened the arrow to pierce enemy armor )

~ironically . despite a weapon resemble grim reaper sickle , its been named ' take that , dude! '

~like in above . rather than grim reaper sickle in form of sickle and weapon class is an axe , but in form of dagger instead

~regardless , no matter how many knife player throw with dagger blow skills . it never runs out a throwing knife

~if player can look closely in shield boomerang , the shield player threw was actually wooden shield . even player doesn't wield one / have one

~as mentioned above , shield boomerang can be used while dual wielding . the parrying dagger presumably acted look like 

Sheng biao ( rope dart ) , used to pull enemy from distance . but player still throw wooden shield

~there is an unused files in luna ( only i've found is nagging sound ) . this was not present in game

~despite hidden blade glove was a blade worn in wrist . instead its replaced by a spike above grip

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I won't flaming here, but now I'm really like "duh facepalm about that trivia"


and also, soul arbiter need Gardener Shoes with Critical Rate?

Critical Rate on Phillo and Character Status is for "Physical" not for "magical",

so why we even bothering about "Critical Rate" on Mage's Equipment?


uh Critical SLime? you need Angel Halo Circle (I forgot the name) it's good or "Smart Worm"

and use "Flower Jasmine"


you even need "Whispering Fire" on Mage? "Whispering Fire" is only Physical Critical Damage

and you even need DEX? DEX is for Strike/Accuracy, Evasion, and Critical Rate Physical


well, you need so much of Changes and Edit over there... I can help too XD

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hmm....seems u got point , i'll fix this . replacing either gardener with double vit and single int or double int and single vit . Dex can also increased crit , i tested it out with pet . whispering fire could used on party for fellow melee

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yes I know DEX is increase: Strike Eva Critical Rate and Ciritcal Damage

but is not for Magical, is for Physical Criticals...  


that's why on Luna Plus there is new update for new Status Screen complete with Critical Damage, Magi Critical and Magi Critical Damage also Speed Move (if I'm correct, well I'm bit forgot about Luna Plus too) XD

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Well it seems that you need more experience in using mage btw, better go bishop-soul arbiter if you want pvp type and warlock-soul arbiter for pve type....It seems that  you've made a support type ...It wont benefit you that much but it is good for supporting your party mates in pve/pvp since they will gain a huge boost due to your buffs... nice guide btw.. ;)

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 bishop-soul arbiter if you want pvp type


I tested this and

this type can be defeated easily in PVP

while the warlock>SA, they don't even have the chance to cast a skill again

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On ‎31‎/‎07‎/‎2013 at 6:42 PM, clouds27 said:

bishop-soul arbiter if you want pvp type and warlock-soul arbiter for pve type....

I am warlock-soul arbiter, it nuked damage to characters and mobs. :40::40: 

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