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Why My Account Your Banned :(



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<Chii> .whyban khevin81
<shoutbot> User khevin81 banned for reason 'insulting staff related to id darkdark99. [Laurel]'

You got banned because of this.


Edit: You also violated these rules now.

Forum Behavior
There has been an alarming ammount of forum abuse so let's make this perfectly clear.

  • Asking to be Unbanned - 5 Days ADDED to your Ban
  • Asking why you got banned - 5 Days ADDED to your Ban
  • Posting in the wrong forum - Increased Warn
  • Filing false reports - Permanent Ban
  • Having large signatures (Anything larger than 500 x 300) - Spoiler Tags
  • Inappropriate signatures - Increased Warn + Removed Signature
  • Speedbumping (Bumping a topic within 24 hours of your last post) - Increased Warn
  • Multi-Posting (Posting more than once in a row) - Increased Warn
  • Necro-Posting (Posting in an old topic without a good reason) - Increased Warn

Also this.

  • If you are genuinely not sure why you were banned and don't think you've broken any of these rules, send a Private Message to a GM.
  • Do not ask to be unbanned under any circumstances, you were banned for a reason and must live with your punishment.
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Please stop bumping your post.


Asking for it to be unbanned isn't going to do you any good.


Also, whether you were related or not would be the staff's decision through investigation and such.


Appropriate Speech
Again, this comes down to common sense. Don't use language that someone might find offensive.
For clarity, the following types of speech are expressly forbidden:

  • Hate Speech - Harassing someone based on their race, gender, nationality, sexuality, religion, etc.
  • Advertising - Attempting to get players to join another server or game not owned by Celestia Games. Even mentioning another server will get you in trouble.
  • Swearing - (See Grief Play and Harassment)
  • Anti-Celestia - Saying our server or staff suck is a quick way to get banned. We're not forcing you to play here, if you feel so strongly just go.

Punishment may range from a 5 Day Ban to a Permanent Ban.
In regular chat or PM, you will need to warn them first and provide a screenshot proving you did.
Breaking any of these in shout will be an Instant Ban.
Advertising and Anti-Celestia are both Permanent Bans.

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