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Fuck - I love Rham.


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It looks fine as it is in my opinion. I don't know. Asking for a different looking bwl is the same as asking for a new costume that has the same effect as bwl. Well at least that's what it sounds like to me. If it was suggesting for a new costume with the same effect then I would probably say just wait for the update and see.

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I don't know if you've looked at the update thread, but you'll see here that they plan on releasing a new costume (special secret one) with similar stats to BWL:



There have been many questions and insecurities about the costumes' set effects after the update, some players didn't mind it to be 3 pieces minimum for a set effect but others were outraged because they've gotten too used to the current state of the costumes' effects. Well we have been thinking about a solution that will still let you benefit from chest-only bonuses but also get an awesome bonus for wearing more than 2 parts of a costume and letting you choose more freely between what you like for the looks and what you like for the bonuses!


Here are the costume bonuses types; you will have to pick what classic costumes (5piece) you want to have each type of set bonus HERE


5 piece costume type 1 (p.atk):

        HP + 10%
        MP + 10%
    4/5 Set:
        P. atk + 5%
        Speed + 15%
        HP/MP recovery + 5
    5/5 Set:
        Strike + 5
        Speed + 138

    Hair: MP +350 
    Chest: HP +500
    Gloves: STR +2
    Boots: DEX +5
    Wing: VIT +3

Special 4 piece costume 2 (secret for now ;o):

        HP + 15%
        MP + 15%

        Speed + 15%

    4/4 Set:

       HP/MP recovery +5

       P. Atk +10%

       M. Atk +10%
       All Stats +10


    Hair: INT +5 MP +300

    Chest: VIT+10
    Gloves: WIS +10
    Boots: STR +5



Along with other patk costumes that just give a little less of a bonus, but will no doubt be cheaper so newer players have the choice between a variety of different costumes with different effects.

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