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The Hit And Run Arch Ranger

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Hi this would me my 1st guide and currently using character


The path that i suggest you to take is:
Rogue lvl 1-19
Voyager lvl 20-39
Archer lvl 40-74
Rune Walker lvl 75-104
Arch Ranger lvl 105-125


Stats pure DEX


This type of Arch Ranger is a hit and run type your main skill would be Rappid arrow because of its push back effect i will try to make a video to show you how it works!!  (Warning this type of AR has no EVASSION no DEFENCE well not totaly 0 i will talk about it later)


The skills that u must take on the job paths is:
Rouge (lvl 1-19)
Active Skills:
max Power Shot (lvl 5)

Buffs and self buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 1)

max Blindside (lvl 1)
max Death Sign (lvl 1)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 2)
max Light Evasion (lvl 2)
max Bow Training (lvl 5)
max Long Shot (lvl 1)

(U can max all this at lvl 18)

Voyager lvl 20-39
Active skills:
max Power Shot (lvl 10) <~ur main skill until lvl 75

Buffs and Self buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 2)
max Fatal Touch (lvl 2)

max Light Evasion (lvl 4)
max Death Sign (lvl 2)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 4)
max Bow Training (lvl 10)
max Long Shot (lvl 2)

(U can max this at lvl 36)

Archer lvl 40-74
Active Skills:
max Power Shot>Double Shot (lvl 5 Double Shot/lvl 15 Power Shot)

Ice shower (lvl 1) usefull in DD

Buffs and Self Buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 4)
max Fatal Touch (lvl 4)

max Light Evasion (lvl 6)
max Long Shot (lvl 5)
max Death Sign (lvl 4)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 6)
max Bow Training (lvl 15)

(U can max this all around lvl 54)

Rune Walker lvl 75-104
Active Skills:
(Remain Double Shot at lvl 5/lvl 15 Power Shot)
max Fire Arrow (lvl 10) aoe very good skill in DD
max Illusion Attack (lvl 20)
max Casting Foil (lvl 2)

Buffs and Self Buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 5)
max Side Step (lvl 6)
max Whispering Wind (lvl 6)
max Whispering Fire (lvl 6)
max Whispering Stream (lvl 2)
max Detect Hole (lvl 4)

max Blindside (lvl 5)
max Death Sign (lvl 5)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 7)
max Light Evasion (lvl 7)
max Bow Training (lvl 15)

Arch Ranger lvl 105-125 (Now you need to reset your skills)
Active Skills:
max Rapid Arrow (lvl 25) 1st try to max this

max Fire Arrow (lvl 25) 2nd
max Smoldering Shot (lvl 5) last you can learn it just lvl 1 is enough for the start


Buffs and self buffs:(No need to learn anything about evassion and light armor cauze you wont need it)
max Zephyr (lvl 8)
max Fast Reload (lvl 4)
max Fatal Touch (lvl 8)
(And all the buffs that had been dissapeared if u resetted ur skill)

max Death Sign (lvl 8)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 10)
max Bow Training (lvl 25)
max Long Shot (lvl 9)


Now your wandering what the hell i can easily be killed by monster you got that wrong this build traded evassion and defence for damage here`s my equip when i reached lvl 105 and my progress so far hope it help and i enjoy it alot regarding in GW havent tried it yet but if you stay a far and hit from a far it is a great help tried it in PK killed a 2handed magnus ithink with 1 or 2 hit dont need to be scared with RI you do have foil use it!!!! So far i cant still hit aeustre and huge mummy my strike is low ill update this when i get to 115!!! (i did reach 15++ crit rate but i still get around 1-2 skill no crit but thats about 2 out of 30 attack or so)


Necklace and gloves: hidden blade set (str philo str reinforced for the gloves)

armor: Holy Iron Chain Knight's Plate Armor (str reinforced and philo)

boots:Holy Iron Chain Knight's Plate Boots (dex reinforced and philo)

changed the lizard to crit slime

wepon: eurayle bow (attack reinforced crit damage philo)

ring: hator sekhmet (str philo)

earing: Earring of Flickering Magic (str philo)

costume: bwl panda gloves and boots so far i got pumpkin for head)

havent goten mirror of dual force

cape phix (critrate) ireplaced KOD when i reached 1500 critrate


ill post my current equip later!!!








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lol . i play thiss to before , but i hit wookis  50k++ @ lvl  106 with HB set :p

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lol . i play thiss to before , but i hit wookis  50k++ @ lvl  106 with HB set :P

wow that even cooler i still dnt have that much damage i will try to get some buffs!! so far thats what i got not having ultra expensive equips!! :D

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But you damaged wookies for 50k, is that suppose to be a good or bad thing?

thats a good thing you can kill it faster

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if u use HB set, it can be use for effect ? still has effect ?

you will gain its set effect and philo

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