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Horror Games For Pc

Khu Schenvile

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Not Only Horror, some of these also need brain to solved it


why not check it? Maybe someone already play it here.


1. Ib (A Girl trapped inside with a boy at a Picture of Guertena Gallery)

2. Witches house (A witch Brutal Story, Bloody)

3. Misao (Tragic Story of a pretty girl)

4. Mad father (Meh,.. You know from its tittle..)

5. Yume Nikki (Hardest one Im not yet finish this .. Creepy game)

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I've tried everything on the list except for Yume Nikki. Good games. I'd suggest Among the Sleep. It's like 20 bucks on Steam, but so worth it. Creepy, jump scares, but very immersing and the story line is crazy good. Very feelsy ending.


(By the way Khu, you can edit your posts, please do that to refrain from double posting)

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just off the top of my head


Silent Hill

Rose Maiden

The Evil Within (Not Released yet)



Doom 3

Dead Space


Fatal Frame


Mostly older games now but scarier than most recent released junk (seriously slender man and amnesia these are just comedy)

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If you go to YouTube and check out PewDiePie's channel, then he has a bunch of horror games. Here are some~



The Asylum

Kraven Manor

Dead Space

Dark Souls (its not really horror, but it is creepy!)

Bioshock (its not really horror, but it is creepy!)

Crooked Man (RPG maker)

Ao Oni (RPG maker)

Silent Hill 

Mermaid Swamp (RPG maker)

Slender Man

Jeff the Killer

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Well, try The Forest pc, it's either survival - horror game actually, the story began when the plane that you board is crashed on an island that full of cannibals and predators that will scout and attack you anytime, even while you were building your shelter or hunting for food/wood.. The goal is survive as long as possible, build shelter / house / treehouse / whatever that can make you feel safe, finding some items, discovering cave, finding missing passengers and your [idk if it's the son of nephew], and etc. I love the view of the world it's so realistic,  :36:  :31:

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