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[Rouge]Entrapper(Elf) Best Farmer Guide

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Hi this guide is for those who want a Farmer Entrapper


Race :

Elf (for better cirtical)



Rogue > Ruffian > Archer > RuneWalker > Entrapper


Stats : 



Rogue lvl 1-19
Active skills:
max Dusk Slashing (lvl 5)

max Zephyr (lvl 1)

max Blindside' (lvl 1)
max Death sign (lvl 1)
max Light evasion (lvl 2)
max Dagger Training (lvl 5)

(U can max all this at lvl 16)

Ruffian lvl 20-39
Active skills:
max Dusk Slashing (lvl 10)
max Wind Breaking (lvl 5)

Buffs and self buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 2)
max Detect hole (lvl 2)

max Blindside'(lvl 2)
max Light evasion (lvl 4)
max Dagger Training (lvl 10)
max Diabolic Instinct (lvl 2)
max Shadow Instinct (lvl 2)

(u can max this at lvl 36)

Archer lvl 40-74
Active Skills:
u gain no active skills or higher level active skills at this job...

Buffs and Self Buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 4)
max Fatal Touch (lvl 4)

max Death Sign (lvl 4)
max Light Evasion (lvl 6)

(u can max this at lvl 44)

Rune Walker lvl 75-104
Active Skills:
learn Dusk Slashing>Rapid Slashing (lvl 5[lvl 15 Dusk Slashing]) note:dont max it first
max Illusion Attack (lvl 20)
max Rage Step (lvl 15)
max Casting Foil (lvl 2)

Buffs and self buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 5)
max Side Step (lvl 6)
max Whispering Wind (lvl 6)
max Whispering Fire (lvl 6)
max Whispering Stream (lvl 2)
max Detect Hole (lvl 4)

max Blindside (lvl 5)
max Death Sign (lvl 5)
max Light Evasion (lvl 7)
max Dagger Training (lvl 15)
max Shadow Instinct (lvl 4)
max Diabolic Instinct (lvl 4)

(U can max this around lvl 96)

Entrapper lvl 105-125
u dont need to reskill,just stick with ur current skills..anyways,why u need to reset ur skill fore? o.o

Active Skills:
remain Rapid Slashing at lvl 5 (lvl 15 Dusk Slasing)
remain Wind Breaking at lvl 5
max Catch Pounding (lvl 5)
max Hunter Blast (lvl 20)
max Hunter Smoke (lvl 10)
learn Shield Boomerang (lvl 9)
u cant max any of ur other skill if u increase it to lvl [email protected][email protected]

Buffs and self buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 8)
max Detect Hole (lvl 8)
max Extortion (lvl 4)

max Blindside (lvl 8)
max Light Evasion (lvl 10)
max Dagger Training (lvl 25)
max Shadow Instinct (lvl 7)
max Diabolic Instinct (lvl 7)


PvP combo:casting Foil,Shield Boomerang,Catch pounding,Hunter blast





Bachelor PA or JOL (Head)

BWL suit(Armor)

Vip Gloves or Chibi Gloves(Gloves)

Vip Boots or Shini sandals(Boots)

Lower End Of The Godess or KOD Crit philoed(Cloak)

Crit slime or Green Lizard

Glasses STR

Mirror PA



NOTE:Must be Eva,Agi,or Str philoed


Tarintus Helm or Kynee=Eva or Agi

Gardeners Armor=Eva

Vestige Gloves or =Agi

Gardeners Boots=Eva

Gemini 2 pcs=Eva

Vestige Necklace=P.a

Hathor 2 pcs=STR

Advance Knife=STR

Aias Shield

Dragon Slayer Belt(LOG)=P.a 




Place to Leveling:


lvl 1-20-gate of alker,zakandia outpost
lvl 20-40-Tarintus,Moonblind forest,moonblind swamp
lvl 40-60-red orc outpost,howling ravine,howling cave 1f
lvl 60-80-howling cave 1f and 2f 
lvl 85-90-ghost tree swamp
lvl 90-95=ghost tree swamp
lvl 95-100-ghost tree swamp,nera harbor
lvl 100-110-nera harbor,graveyard of the knight of nera
lvl 110-120=graveyards of the knights of nera
lvl 120-125-graveyards of the knights of nera


ALSO DD Leveling is much faster so i Advice to do it 



Questions??Ask me xD

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bro .. is it already 1 hit kill for all monster inside NH? 

and which isn'it will be better if we use panda boot ?

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