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Guild Name : LunatiQ
Guild Master : oOLunatiQo
Guild Hangouts : -
Guild Leaders : -




Its an active guild and allowed to everyone,
Created at 12-December-2012, this guild has been established for more than 2 years until now,
we here for introduce this guild and for getting more member





Be Active (Just want member to socialize, Don't mean being online 24/7, at least you login once a week)
Respect (Must respect to member and other player)
Loyal (Keep suport your guild, dont giving away guild private info)
Be a good player (You must fun, friendly, and helpfull)
English Language (at least you can understand this message :P)
✿ Avoid Drama



✿ Member List ✿

oORhiinOo LunaAngelz   MsShella IceTeaManis CiarraMeii
MetalJack lTenshil JessiicaArcana  xCainVelasque Quinsha
SakuraGoreng MyImmortal   lDestroXneenl LioraArcana  zKou
xIcyX QiuYi oOLioraQo oOLunatiQo
HitamKeling   iClone
Chiinyan oOBladeOo LoveeLisa Efolv Proust Nuiichiro Coralie   oxMiharuxo
iBuffie CullenbLoo Tjia Krungy EnjeruAura Rour Schella
HaruhiMinamoto ToumaChan
Mikachi XiiaoLee SmartOfCherry

JasmineT0 MzNice ReeNeeCee Mhndr Brozca YuriNyan

Pinnochio Mikasajaegerr MenmaHonma Amitha

Ellevina Mahabarata xAikoMizukix Faelara Tenaa

Kurokichi UnderwearPrince Senryy PratamaNS22

 cipicupi  rXBlack  Zelnite  QuinQi  lXYZliBySky  LicenLovely 

✿ BigKing ✿ BigFavor ✿ PinkOppa ✿ Yarala ✿ Lelei ✿ Zuyun ✿ Eustia 

*for member : PM to oOLunatiQo if your ign not taged at here, and for request link/colour your ign list.


✿ Requirement ✿


✿ Recruitment status (Closed)***

✿ Any Region (Allowed for all player from any regional)
✿ Any Lvl. (
Allowed for all Lvl.)
✿ Active (
Must be an active player)
✿ Main Character (
Member should use main char. not their alternate char.)
✿ Following in-game, forum, and guild rules (

***) For joining request you can PM to Nuiichiro

✿ Guild Status ✿

✿ Union & Guild Emblem : 
29y34ts.jpg ojq8ph.jpg LunatiQ

✿ Guild Union :  2582rkj.jpg JTeamLunatiQ

✿ Guild Level : 5
✿ Guild Member : 5*
✿ Guild Point : 2**.***
✿ Win/Fun(Draw)/Lose : 1*/5**/0
✿ Guild On War :


:lol: We have one cookies for every visitor here :D

Any Question and sugestion you can PM to
IGN Nuiichiro


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I've seen these guys everywhere lol, good luck getting more members.

i ve seen your char everywhere to, and good luck for TheAsylum too. :D



awesome   :41:  hope this guild would be great as well, good luck to all of you guys   :happy_con:  stay fab and perf   :heart:

mwahah perf or perv ??? :P



aaa cool ><, i hope this guild will stand for long time, and maybe forever :3 ^O^ :40: and cheer for kk nuii that leading this guild :3 . . . . :wink_con:

what lead? all i do just sleep at alker 1 wkwk, and this guild ll feels lonely without you and yoour mate :P



Hahaha Finally <3 <3 <3 Good Luck to us!!! stay strong everyone~ Were always Fab and Perf haha :) So happy to be in this Guild  :wub:  :wub:  ^_^  ^_^

Yooo.. ms. fab <3 <3 <3 xD




anyway, can I switch my char at guild?


change my necro (gonna be) to my rune master (gonna be)?


Sure.. and welcome to LunatiQ :D

And thanks for all :D

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