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This Will Makes Char Trading Legal!

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Hope GM will understand What I am planning :D


I have played some mmorpg games online and they also doing this :) and it's work well because new players don't have tanker/hitter to help them leveling. With this anybody can lvling and farming easier and faster ^_^   :41:




Account A (Seller)

Account B (Buyer)


A only need to input what character name in his ID and put it into the website (Char Trading Sections) but this will involve new server to save the data on Celestia Luna right.


*** This will keep the seller ID become private from others.


So my second options --->


A + B doing trading involving PP = after they agreed A only need to type his character name and sell it to B


How it's work?

  1. Seller + Buyer chat in game and agreed
  2. Buyer tell the Seller what his ID
  3. Seller copy the buyer ID
  4. Seller go to the website and login
  5. Seller choose the character he want to sell
  6. Seller input the ID account of buyer and click SEND
  7. Buyer gets the informations and PP cost from his (Char Trading Sections)
  8. Buyer bought the Char using PP that he have.
  9. Done transactions :)


What show up in the buyer page?

  1. Permium Points Cost
  2. Character Name
  3. The character stats
  • PK points
  • Level
  • Class

***But this 2nd option will show the Seller ID to the buyer.




  • Celestia Luna gets profits from banking
  • The seller get profits from PP
  • The buyer having fun leveling and his new character

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What Seraphyre said.

Additionally, an unexpected consequence of this is RMT would probably go UP with a system in place to trade characters easily and safely.

They would trade real money outside the system, then offer their character up for a low PP cost.

It's also against the spirit of the game being able to just buy characters with no effort.

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well, letting people trading chars actually boost the number of people playing it actually. because people rather like to have instant powerfull chars in-game, rather than painstankingly build up theyre powerfull chars for almost 2 years. theres an rpg game in fb with stupid 2d graphic but the game is pretty much very very alive after 7 !!!!! years. because the people can just buy powerfull chars and play the game. a fan-made group in facebook of the game has 100k members as its the main place for all people that play the game to gather. another group has 60k. there are.. i think 11 countrys play that stupid 2d game. each country have their own groups in fb of that game. each group commenly have 10k-20k people. you can imagine the comunity. A strong character would cost 700$ USD. the highest was .. ehm.. 800$. because of that. Thus, the game attracts rich people. They eventually spend thousand of dollar in the game. many people play it. other than the fact the game made events frequently. the other reason why so many still playing that game is because of that trading system. It allows veterans to play all soughts of build in an instant. Also, That trading system is open with alot of ways for people to buy it. (via molpoints, cimb banks, Western union) i know this game can also somehow get powerfull chars like *poof* by making edited chars. but its only available through banks. Thats why there exist trading. make it more... wide open, i mean make available via molpoints, western union.. etc.. (this way, the developers doesnt have to make trading a system in the game) but making the already available edited char more accessible for people. this type of game although doesnt involve the developers tends to rise up. dont get me wrong. big games like wow, guild wars have a very large number of people trading chars. except this game. theres a trading group in facebook but its dead. Im tapping into a gamers mind here. If you make what the gamers dream come true. Then heck, people can flow

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