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Magnus And Destroyer

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ive played all 3 class. this is a small guide for those who wants to choose a path for a specific role. HERE I GO !!


Type : Guild war(1vs1), PvP ( Recommended), anti-sonic boom !
Best path : warrior -> infantryman -> knight -> magnus
Race : elf(DEFENCE)
Stat : The goodness of VIT
Weapons : 1hand axe geno + Aies shield

Reasons : basically 1hand magnus pawns Destroyer and Magnus 2hand and swordmaster but with rogue and their large dmg, you probaly gonna feel helpless if you cant get close to them. You will face problems with Imba destro if u ever die. Destro will 1hit sb you like forever if you respawn even if you have 7k p.deff. Magnus 2handed cant 1hit sonic boom as they lack power (P.a and crit dmg to kill you when you respawn). They must get close enough to you. But then.. They are already on the ground right? To counter this, just sb them back. 4k p.a is enough to kill destro and magnus. You will also have difficulty against an enemy like yourself(1hand magnus or paladin). But dont worry ! your the king in pvp.


Type : PvP / Guild war(4 vs 4, 5vs5, allvsall) (1vs1 doesnt work), Grinding
Best Path : guard -> SWORDMAN -> knight -> destro (accuracy passive+sleep), warrior -> INFANTRYMAN -> knight -> destro (toopership(more deff) + higher lvl HP)
Race : Human
Stats : Full dex
Weapons : Dragon Slayer, Requiem Blade, Murasama ( say no too axe)

Reasons : above, why did i said 1vs1 sucks for destro during guild war. why? well other class fighters have higher lvl of sb and you probaly gonna miss your attack against rogue because you dont have strike. In Original Luna. Destro dont go with so overly HITTER. but with eva. thats how they can coup with palad/1hand or 2hand magnus/rogue) in original luna. In CL. because the passive job doesnt work, you have to stick with being a hitter. . Its all about Sonic boom in guild war. You should go with all vs all, why? because your squishy. Let your teammate take the hit and you Sb them from afar. During Guild war. Never rush. u must seat back and literally focus. let 2 tankers infront of you while your at the back. This way. If 3-4 players come attacking your teammate, just step in and spam your skills. aha ! 4 players will die in 1 hit from you. You must be like a ninja, swift ! like a rogue* i mean, hit and run. Never let yourself be a target. In pvp. just get as far away from your enemy and sb them. To make things better.,. use a murasama for faster cast. Never ever pvp against magnus 1hand. 80% chance you will lost. If a mage ask you for a duel, accept it. 80% you will win with Bc. If you do like 1 vs 1. i suggest u go inf - knight - destro + stat full vit. Your gear must be 25agi 10 str(something like that) still sucks against swordmaster though


cant say about sm. they are strong in gw and pvp :3 but suck against palad or magnus 1hand. 2 types of sm right? one with full p.a and crit rate with moderate p.deff. one with strike. you cant 1 on 1 a palad or 1hand magnus in gw if your strike. You can 50/50 with full p.a/crit rate set, your strike will be low though. A truly pro non edited hardcore player ^^ will have two sets. same with destro. full vit set+ axe, and full p.a/crit hitter with sword destro

Ps : dont play magnus 2hand. against destro, they are okay. but thats all. against magnus 1hand they suck, against palad or swordmaster they suck too. no offence. just saying !


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paladin where? king of block. . .   rumor say paladin also can block Fearful blow and rune impact. is that true? LOL

Yes, for me

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