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William Tjera

Connected Everywhere!

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I cant always Online on the PC to check Updates,Events,Buying Sfuff,Selling stuff,Guild Chatting and more.

so im trying to use little more Technology

Cause im iOS user and cant using the HexChatt to connect to IRC.

I would like to invite Many Player trough Chatting apps!

I have :





-M*ssenger (Connected to FB)

And if you guys have any other Chatting Apps that i can use in my iOS just mention it!

Here im suggesting to Create Group chatt with this Apps but there's Pro&Cons bout This


-Connected Anywhere

-Buying/Selling Anywhere (Booking The Item)

- Compitable for All Device

-Closer to Each Other

-Manage your Guild Members anywhere

And the Cons:

-RMT can be easily done


-Annoying People can annoy other player while they're in school,office,or even Toilet! O.o

-Offensing other player

-many more

So, i would like to Invite GM,Mods and other Game Gods here to participate here :)

so we can change the Cons to Pros

-Player can easily report the Crime and The GM can see the crime directly and ban the Player.

But Still everything has a weak point

GM will finding it hard to search for player IGN,IP, and other information

So i have said all the matters and the Pros from my suggestion, i hope its a YES from GM and other Moderators

If its YES please Announce it where all players can easily Join the Group!

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IRC is cross platform.. That is the beauty of it, you can use any IRC client/program on any device and you will still connect to the same server and be able to talk to the people online.


There are tons of IRC clients for different operating systems, and HexChat does have an OSX client... But even if it's in beta just google "irc osx" https://www.google.com/search?q=irc+osx


In IRC you can create chatrooms(channels) open or protected by password for whoever you want, PM, ignore, kick and ban(for "moderators"(operators)) so I think it's the best solution.


And by the way, in our IRC you can see in game shouts without being in game.

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cool. how about wech*t? it doesnt envolve the persons phone number. its like a simple account. Its the same as L*ne but more slick and cute. add my wech*t ID : Aliff_sjer

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